Real Rock
Stone Love Movements
CD / 2LP
September 20, 2005

Track list
  1. One Chapter - Elephant Man
  2. Tenderly - Mr. Easy
  3. We Need Love - Richie Spice
  4. Don't Trust A Soul - Turbulence
  5. My Love For Life - Bascom X
  6. My Sound A Champion - Mega Banton
  7. My Herbs - Mr. Perfect
  8. Let Me Love You - Nitty Kutchie
  9. Thiefing Bwoy - Hawkeye
  10. I See Dem - Frisco Kid
  11. Roots Reality - Bounty Killer
  12. Tell Mi Again - DaVille
  13. Rasta - Chuck Fender
  14. No Gun A Dance - Anthony Cruz
  15. Out A Road - Anthony B
  16. Gimmie Di Beat - 14K
  17. You Don't Have To Kill - Cush Hunter
  18. You Make Me Feel - Aiesha Ice
  19. Gwaan So Man - Conrad Crystal & Sugar Roy
  20. Nutten So Sure - Ras Merdak
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Stone Love Movement's Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell presents his (1993 Mafia & Fluxy) version of the seminal Studio One riddim 'Real Rock' that was already a big hit tune then in the version of Sanchez "If I Ever Fall In Love". An excellent selection of pretty strong tunes are released now, with Elephant Man again delivering a very good conscious tune "One Chapter" a aaaaaaay! / one chapter a daaaaaay! (kill de evil)/ one chapter a daaaaaay! (General B) / one chapter a daaaaaay! / when you wake up inna di morning neva you faget to pray / thank father god fi make you see another day / dem say one chapter a day keep di devil away / praise tuh di kingdom and di oda half dont care wuh dem ah say / dont follow bad company and mek di devil lead you astray (camon) / salvation alone shall laugh at it and vanish it away / pray tuh di king di king di king of all kings everything will be okay. All tunes on this riddim, that is introed every tune with the Universal Pictures horns riff, are above par, but special mention as outstanding certainly deserve Mega Banton's soundboy killing "My Sound A Champion", Bounty Killer's relick of his own 1993 Jammy's 'Real Rock' anthem "Roots Reality And Culture" now shortened too "Roots Reality" but not a single bit less impressive, DaVille's "Tell Me Again" and last but not least Anthony Cruz' wicked reworking of Michigan & Smiley's 1979 Studio One scorcher "Nice Up The Dance" called "No Gun A Dance". Aiesha Ice does a fine version of Carole King's "You Make Me Feel" like a natural woman before Fire Ball producer Leroy "Sugar Roy" Moore and veteran singer Conrad Hunter a.k.a. Conrad Crystal show once again with "Gwaan So Man" what a great combination of singer and DJ they are, already proven by the fact that they reached the number 1 spot in JA earlier this year with "Education Wise" on the 'Handcart Boy'-riddim, 19 (!) years after Conrad Crystal topped the charts with "True Love Will Never Die" over the 'Death In The Arena'-riddim. A clean version of the riddim would have made this album even better, but half filled with excellent and half with good tunes on this classic riddim are making it worth buying anyway.