Reality Shock Vol. 1
Reality Shock Records
November 19, 2008

Track list
  1. Errol Bellot - Reality Shock
  2. Prince Livijah & Prince Alla - Only Love
  3. Earl 16 - Reggae Got Soul
  4. Solo Banton - Roots Rock Reggae
  5. Chieftain Joseph - Musical Farmer
  6. Afrikan Simba - Free Up The Herbs
  7. Dixie Peach - I Believe
  8. Bird - Thanks & Praises
  9. Aqua Livi - Stop The Shooting
  10. Deadly Hunta - Better Way
  11. Lioness Fonts - One Way System
  12. Errol Bellot - Babylon
  13. Marga - Dem Wrong
  14. Macka B - Rise Up
  15. Errol Bellot & Afrikan Simba - My Youths
  16. Mikey Murka - War
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
After the release of their first full length album, Mikey Murka's "In The Name Of Love", the "Reality Shock Vol. 1" set is the first in a series of compilation albums coming from UK based Reality Shock, meant to showcase the UK's leading reggae artists and musicians. According to the press release that comes along with this compilation, Reality Shock is more than just a record label... it's a movement. Launched in 2005, their vision is to entertain, educate & inspire, and spread the reggae music vibes worldwide.

Produced by Kris Kemist this thoroughly entertaining collection of UK Roots tunes features efforts from well respected veteran artists such as Macka B, Earl 16, Aqua Livi, Errol Bellot and Dixie Peach as well as some promising new names like Solo Banton, Deadly Hunta, and Lioness Fonts. Most of the tracks gathered on this cd have been expertly mixed by Russ Disciples, with others being mixed by Mafia & Fluxy, Gussie P, Catch 22 and Stingray Records. The artwork for the cd, drawn by the multi-talented Hugo Wolf, features characters of the Reality Shock family in a style reminiscent of early Scientist albums.

Most of the tracks gathered on "Reality Shock Vol. 1" is real fresh material except for some well known Reality Shock anthems previously released on 10inch vinyl such as Afrikan Simba's "Free Up The Herb" and Mikey Murka's "War" (a decent reworking of the Bob Marley song). The foundation of all the tracks is that typical UK Roots sound that knocks your socks off when pumped out of huge speakers from a UK Roots Reggae Sound System during a dance.

Errol Bellot, currently also known as Gideon Zinger, first burst onto the reggae scene in the early 1980s with a series of hits on S & G Records and sung on prestigious sounds like Unity Sound, King Original and Jah Tubbys. This fine roots singer kicks off the album with the excellent dub-fueled title track "Reality Shock" and also his other contributions, "Babylon" and the combination with Afrikan Simba called "My Youths", are truly worth of hearing. There seems to be a new Errol Bellot / Gideon Zinger album in the pipeline, surely one to watch for regarding his efforts included here.

"Only Love", an awesome relick of Prince Alla's late 1970s tune "Only Love Can Conquer", is one of the most outstanding tunes of this collection. Combining the archetypal roots singer and ghetto sufferer with Prince Livijah proves to work very well and furthermore the track fully benefits from the mixing wizardry of Gussie P. Chieftain Joseph's "Musical Farmer" is another great tune around and the same goes for Macka B's "Rise Up" and Deadly Hunta's rough deejay cut "Better Way", which comes across the "Skylarking" riddim. Solid tunes are Dixie Peach's "I Believe", Aqua Livi's "Stop The Shooting" and Marga's "Dem Wrong". We've always had a softspot for Earl 16, but unfortunately he's delivered insignificant songs like "Reggae Got Soul" far too often. Doubtless to say the veteran singer has a great voice, but lyrically he wastes his talent.

This album shouldn't be overlooked by the avid UK Roots fan, so do check it out!!