Various artists album review
Stone Love Recharged
Jet Star
10 - 06 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - Hot Stuff
  2. Sizzla - Fat And Yu Clean
  3. Elephant Man - Screechie
  4. Red Rat - Gal Ina Mi Bed
  5. 14K - I've Got To Get It
  6. Mr. Vegas - How Does It Feel
  7. Danny English - Z.I.M.
  8. Stone Love Movement - Spawn Rhythm
  9. Anthony Cruz - All I Have
  10. Capleton - Bun Friend
  11. Elephant Man - Vampire
  12. Holloway - Maria
  13. Mr. Vegas - Hype Flop
  14. Elephant Man & Kiprich - Funny Man
  15. Ce'Cile - My Dime
  16. Cosby - Chit Chat
  17. Beenie Man - Mistake
  18. Gringo - Need Not To
  19. 14K - Unlead The Dragon
  20. Stone Love Movement - Liquid Rhythm
  21. Blingz - Greatest
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Jet Star's link up with producer Winston "Weepow" Powell of the "Stone Love" imprint - the record label associated with the famous "Stone Love Movement" sound system - has led to the release of a series of 7" singles. Especially the recently released cuts for the "Spawn" riddim proved much in demand and the most successful so far. But also Beenie Man's "Mistake" - delivered over the "Liquid" riddim - made a serious impact and did very well. The compilation set "Stone Love Recharged" brings together three wicked dancehall riddims featuring 8 pieces (including the version) for the "Spawn", 8 tunes utilizing the infectious "Thyphold" and 4 cuts + the version from the "Liquid".
From the moment the "Spawn" riddim takes off it's obvious that this ragga/dancehall riddim is a very strong effort. With such hot Jamaican artists like tried and trusted hitmakers Capleton, Sizzla, Elephant Man, Red Rat and Mr. Vegas alongside much promising newcomers 14K and Danny English having voiced the riddim one knows he can't go wrong with this bashment selection. First two efforts are delivered by Jamaican superstars Capleton and Sizzla, who both can be captured in gal lyrics mode. Two solid tunes which are followed by an excellent piece from Elephant Man, the frenzied "Screechie". Red Rat, performing in his usual hilaric style, brings a nice piece for the riddim. Then another above par tune drops in. "I've Got To Get It" by the very talented outfit 14K - actually a Stone Love discovery - who are followed by Mr. Vegas whose "How Does It Feel" is also well worth spinning. Rough voiced deejay Danny English rides the riddim in fine style and truly delivers a solid effort.
The next version excursion is started by the very talented Anthony Cruz who brings the enjoyable singing piece "All I Have" before Capleton shines in the fericious "Bun Friend". Elephant Man maintains the standard with the wicked Vampire". The fresh singer Holloway covers Carlos Santana & Wycleff Jean's hit tune "Maria", nicely sung but not adding that much to the original. Mr. Vegas' decent piece "Hype Fold" is followed by excellent cuts from the combination Elephant Man & Kiprich and the up-and-coming female singjay Ce'Cile, whose vocal delivery here is reminiscent of Tanya Stephens. The last tune for the riddim, "Chit Chat" is credited to newcomer Cosby, who fails to make a decent impression.
Beenie Man's "Mistake" is a standout effort over the "Liquid" riddim. The strength of the riddim, with it's slamming pulse and crescendo of keyboard samples, comes to full expression in the next deejay singing pieces which include only goodies. All above par efforts with personal favourites 14K's "Unleash The Dragon" and "Greatest" by a fresh outfit called Blingz.
"Stone Love Recharged" is a handy and enjoyable dancehall set, well worth checking out for all bashment fans.

Teacher & Mr. T.