Red Bull & Guinness
CD / 2LP
February 28, 2006

Track list
  1. Red Bull & Guinness - Delly Ranx & Chino
  2. Killa Walk, Prezzi Bounce - Sultex 3000
  3. Weh Dem A Do - Movado
  4. It's Evident - Wayne Marshall
  5. Gunshot - Vybz Kartel
  6. Move Hard - Norrisman
  7. Nuh Business - Sizzla
  8. Treat Her Good - Turbulence
  9. Man A Gangsta - Calico
  10. Stop Gwaan Stush - Vybz Kartel
  11. Wedding Band - Spragga Benz
  12. Money Thing - Mr. Vegas & Mega Banton
  13. Reality Check - Ward 21
  14. Murderer - Flexx
  15. Haffi Tight - Kari Jess
  16. Style Up - Chukki Star
  17. Haters - Delly Ranx
  18. That's Right - American Yard
  19. Strap - RDX (Xsytment)
  20. Rasta Drink - Tyrical
  21. Murder - Jagwa
  22. Redbull & Guinness Rhythm - Delly Ranx & The Genius
  23. Redbull & Guinness Mega Mix - by Nico Bam Bam
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
The 81st volume in the excellent Greensleeves Rhythm Album series is another production effort by Delroy Foster a.k.a. Delly Ranx for his Di Ranx Productions - who previously produced Pure Music's 'Molasses'-riddim in 2002 -, resulting in a big rocking riddim, in which the handclaps don't even sound like 'having been done so often before', and with a great percussion layer really pushing the riddim on you, very nicely built by Delly Ranx alongside Stephen 'The Genius' McGregor. And the tunes on it do not stay behind the power of the riddim, with Delly Ranx himself very impressive alongside newcomer Chino on the riddim's title tune "Red Bull & Guinness" about how to become unstoppable, before Asylum (one of Kingston's hot clubs) resident DJ Soltex unleashes his dance instructions in "Killa Walk, Prezzi Bounce" and Movado, who hasn't been profilic so far, but that might change after his heavy gangster tune "Weh Dem A Do" that is certain to make a lasting impression. Wayne Marshall is in fine form on his "It's Evident" before wordsmith Vybz Kartel follows his very impressive third album "J.M.T" with more great lyrical slaughteration in "Gun Shot" say feh / a a.k. inna mi hand / mi done chat // a gun shot say feh / black talon / inna yuh face mi punch dat // a gun shot say feh / nyam yuh food like a bloodclaat lunch dat / delly done chat / hey wi naah kick wi naah box nor bloodclaat punch dat going full force through verses like delly ranx' tools is not nuh cyar lugs / dis yah tool gi yuh hole weh require body plugs / a di russian rifle weh sing like bunny rugs(!) / bumbo hole onuh must unda drugs / fi dis portmore and west kingston thugs / yuh feel when wi buck mi a greet yuh wid kisses and hugs / dis badda dan crips and bloodclaat bloods. Norris Man delivers one of his most impressive tunes ever, with the harsh reality tune "Move Hard", warning big long gun guh ova dem yawd / kill uncle joe and aunty dawg / dem yah ghetto yutes yah a move too hawd hawd hawd in partly vocodered but always very impressive delivery. Sizzla's "Nuh Business" is fine as well, but with his rage overpowering control of his voice, lacks the melodic undertone of Norris Man's tune, and surprisingly Turbulence, who normally is the more melodic of the two, unfortunately suffers from the same flaw in his lyrically very sensible "Treat Her Good". Calico with his "Man A Gangsta" might - like Movado - be able to change the tide for him, and secure a higher rank on the artist ladder in Jamaica, as he makes a very fine impression as well. Or is the power of this 'Red Bull & Guinness'-riddim that makes many tunes on it sound like standout tracks? Vybz Kartel's second tune on the riddim is the superb slack plea to a girl to stop acting snobbish "Stop Gwaan Stush" girl stop gwaan stush / stop gwaan like yuh nuh fuck inna di bush / stop gwaan stush girl stop gwaan stush / stop gwaan like yuh punany nuh douch and believe me, this, the chorus, is the least slack part of the tune. Spragga Benz is very convincing also, addressing the problems(!) of all one (dugu) man-women in his "Wedding Band", revisiting the lyrics of his 2002 single over Pure Music's 'Molasses'-riddim. Mr. Vegas & Mega Banton contribute the very catchy combination "Money Thing" after dismissing in the intro the statement that money is the root of all evil, followed by Ward 21's very entertaining and uplifting "Reality Check", Flexx' impressive debut man a "Murderer" and Kari Jess' slack - but as impressive - debut "Haffi Tight". Former 'Prince Of NW10' Chukki Star continues his 'come back' with the excellent "Style Up" before Delly Ranx himself delivers his solo tune on the riddim "Haters" telling how they just try to stop my flow / but they gonna watch us grow in very fierce commanding style. American Yard (I've stopped wondering years ago about not only the origins but also the total absurdness of some DJs and singers monikers in JA ... and this is one that probably makes sense, but just sounds too weird) debuts with the very fine "That's Right" before RDX, who have in fact been around for some time already, starting out as the 9 member outfit Xsytement Gang, then when cut down to three members Xsytment, and now down to only two members RDX, which means Renegade Delomar X, continue to cement their recently gained position with another great voicing: "Strap". Tyrical might not have seen more than a handful of tunes released since his debut 10 years ago, his "Rasta Drink" in my opinion warrants that will change soon, and he is followed by Jagwa's very convincing "Murder" that is the last of these set of great vocals over this impressive rocking, yet dark riddim, that is featured not only in its great "Red Bull & Guinness Rhythm" clean version, but also (possible because a lot of tunes clock in in 2 1/2 or at least under 3 minutes) in an amazing 20-plus minutes "Red Bull & Guinness Mega Mix" by former Stone Love selector Nico Bam Bam. One of the biggest non-retro non-roots riddim albums released this year till now.