Red Razor Riddim
Zion High Productions-Lustre Kings
April 24, 2007

Everton Blender - Red Razor Riddim Track list
  1. Goody Goody - Everton Blender
  2. Fit And Strong - Marlon Asher
  3. Take Your Time - Freddie Mcgregor
  4. My People - Rankin Scroo & Jah Dan
  5. Buela Land - Luciano
  6. Time So Perilous - Princess Menen
  7. Where The Wind Blows - Norris Man
  8. All We Need Is Love - Ras Attitude
  9. Suffering Us - Lutan Fyah
  10. Hymns - Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite)
  11. Show Love - Natty King
  12. Better Must Come - Arkangel
  13. Wolf - Bitter Roots
  14. Globe All Warming - Niyorah
  15. Christ Manifest - Messenjah Selah
  16. Pon A Sunday - Mighty Mystic
  17. Oil For Food - Army
  18. Seek Ras Tafari Love - Abijah
  19. Grow Natty Grow - Jamatek
  20. Mountain Top - Lambsread & Prezident Brown
  21. Nah Go Reach - Al Pancho
  22. More Love - Jah Sun
  23. Red Razor Version - D. Goldfine, C. Daniel, G. Walton & Kiki
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/6 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Lustre Kings and Zion High Productions have joined forces to produce a glorious 'one drop' riddim entitled "Red Razor", played by musicians such as Wadi Gad, Jah David, Jah Oil, Ras Dean Fishback, Kiki, Adely, Andrew 'Moon' Bain and Tuff Lion. After the 7" series has gained notable attention and has blazed up dancehalls worldwide, the "Red Razor" riddim is now also available on CD. Just like its predecessor, "New Day", this brand new riddim set features fresh talent as well as top-a-top artists from JA, the VI, the US and Trinidad.

"Red Razor" is a great 'live' riddim, driven by a truly wicked bassline and layered with wonderful keyboard and guitar parts. Furthermore it has some real excellent voicings. Opening with the decent "Goody Goody" by Everton Blender, the selection is actually shaped by Luciano's "Buela Land", Norris Man's "Where The Wind Blows", Lutan Fyah's "Suffering Us", Benjamin Vaughn's "Hymns", Abijah's "Seek Ras Tafari Love" and the powerful "Show Love" by Natty King.

While these tracks form the main pillars of this 'one riddim' compilaton, a number of others are also worth of hearing. Throughout his enduring career Reggae vet Freddie McGregor has proven that he knows how to deliver a good tune and here he does it again. "My People", Rankin Scroo's combination with Jah Dan, is a fully satisfying effort and the same goes for Ras Attitude's "All We Need Is Love" (already featured on his strong "Holding Firm" album). Up-and-coming Arkangel and Bitter Roots -- first noticed on the 1995 released "Junior Reid & The Bloods" compilation -- serve us with tunes that make a serious impression. Niyorah's "Globe All Warning" and in particular Army's great tune "Oil For Food" are also worthy of mention and thus shouldn't be overlooked either.

Sometimes 'one riddim' samplers -- especially those with over 20 cuts on their tracklist -- have a tendency to get really boring, not least because of the filler material included. Luckily it's not the case with this release, which makes it truly a fine selection from start to finish.