Reggae One Drop Volume 1
Super Power
April 25, 2005

Track list
    'Throw Mi Corn'-riddim
  1. It's All In The Game - Lymie Murray
  2. Simma Simma - Shyam
  3. My People - Richie Spice
  4. If Love Must Go - Thriller U
  5. Sorry 2004 - Singing Melody
  6. You're My Love - A.J. Brown
  7. Keep Her Satisfied - Anthony Cruz
  8. When Will They Learn - Frankie Paul
    'My Heart Is Gone'-riddim
  9. My Heart Is Gone - George Nooks
  10. Our Time Will Come - Nisha K
  11. Running Around - Thriller U
  12. Hooked On You - Singing Melody
  13. Feeling Deep Down - Frankie Paul
  14. Praise Him - Stitchie & Lukie D
  15. Who Is Gonna Be There - Anthony Cruz
  16. Stress - A.J. Brown
    'Throw Mi Corn'-riddim
  17. Jah Guide - Jah Melody
  18. Who Is To Be Blamed - Admiral Tibet
  19. Harder Days - Lenn Hammond
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
The not only worldwide famous but also notorious - remember where Nitty Gritty was shot? - recordshop in New York City's Brooklyn Super Power Records has following the revival of one drop riddims in the dancehall decided to start a series of riddim albums featuring those riddims. This "Reggae One Drop Volume 01" features great reworkings of 2 classic riddims, featuring the great musicianship of Kirk Bennett on drums, Dalton Browne on guitar, Donald Dennis on bass and Paul 'Wrongmove' Crossdale on keyboards with Bobby 'Digital' Dixon at the production helm. Although the 45s of the first riddim, Larry Marshall & Alvin Leslie's in 1970 for the late and great Sir Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd's Studio One recorded 'Throw Me Corn' were initially released more than half a year ago, they still sound great. With former SKOOL lead singer Paul 'Lymie' Murray, Shyam, veterans Thriller U, Singing Melody, A.J. Brown, and rediscovered Anthony Cruz all delivering more than solid smooth lovers tunes, and Richie Spice, Frankie Paul, and later as bonus tracks Jah Melody, Admiral Tibet and Lenn Hammond all delivering equally strong conscious and reality tunes. The other featured riddim is covered fine by George Nooks, it's John Holt's "My Heart Is Gone" also a 1970 Studio One tune, featuring the same Bobby Digital 'household-names' Thriller U, Singing Melody, Frankie Paul, Anthony Cruz and A.J. Brown delivering wonderful lovers tunes, and a great combination by Stitchie and Lukie D calling up to "Praise Him" as well female songbird Nisha K who delivered the great "Weekend" album for Bobby's Brickwall records 5 years ago, with the fine loverstune "Our Time Will Come". A great collection of very fine singers over 2 classic riddims, but I must note that it's a pity that the clean versions of these riddims are omitted from this CD.