Various artists album review
Reggae Bible Vol. 2 - Book Of Heart Dont Leap Part One
Moodisc Records
09 - 08 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Lexxus - Profile
  2. Paul Elliott - Word, Sound & Power
  3. Saba Tooth - Witness
  4. General B - Get Wise
  5. Determine - Bigger Judgement
  6. Loresia - The Most High
  7. Chuck Fender - Babylon Brutality
  8. Daddy Screw - Order Of The Day
  9. Power Man - Strickly Dickly
  10. Delly Ranks - Road To Choose
  11. Jimmy Riley - You're All That
  12. Screechie Joe - Labba Mouth
  13. Wicker Man - War In A Di Park
  14. Little John - Fi Mi Style
  15. Tristan Palmer - Fight Fi Position
  16. Mudie's All Stars - Heart Don't Leap Dub
  17. Mr. Classic - Prosperity
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2/3

Two veteran producers of reggae meet on the wicked compilation set "Reggae Bible Vol. 2 - Book Of Heart Dont Leap Part One", namely the under-celebrated Harry A. Mudie and Lloyd James a.k.a. King Jammy. This "one riddim" album consists of the original, Harry Mudie produced riddim track "Heart Don't Leap" with over dub instruments produced by King Jammy. The original version of the "Heart Don't Leap" riddim is a good example of the kind of riddims Harry Mudie recorded in the late sixties and early seventies. His riddims were distinguished for being as heavy as any, but also very melodic and well crafted. Then the original riddim track was laid by Winston Wright, Theophilus Beckford, Jackie Jackson, Winston Grennan, Hucks Brown, Val Bennett, Tommy McCook, Rico Rodriguez and Denzel Laing, and today Steely (piano & bass) and Clevie (drum machine) have transformed the riddim into contemporary dancehall music. They did a real good job as they managed to preserve the mood and strength of the riddim by simply adding the right amount of flavoring. Featured here are 17 new titles, delivered by new artists as well as reggae vets, all presented "inna dancehall style", i.e. without gaps between the full length tracks. Although this set contains contemporary dancehall tunes and features names such as Lexxus, Power Man, Daddy Screw and Delly Ranks - which often implies that we're treated to so-called 'explicit lyrics' - it's really refreshing to witness that the tracks included here deal with consciousness. Best tunes are Paul Elliott's "Word, Sound & Power", Saba Tooth's "Witness", Determine's "Bigger Judgement", Chuck Fender's "Babylon Brutality", Delly Ranks "Road To Choose", Wicker Man "War In A Di Park", Tristan Palmer "Fight Fi Position" and Mr. Classic's "Prosperity".

Teacher & Mr. T.