Various artists album review
Reggae Fever
The Inspirations And Friends
19 - 04 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Lloyd "Gitsy' Willis & The Destroyers - Mad rooster
  2. The Inspirations - Ease up
  3. The Inspirations - Wet dreams
  4. The Inspirations - Why do we laugh at my calamities
  5. The Inspirations - Samfie man
  6. Ken Parker - Only yesterday
  7. Lloyd 'Gitsy' Willis - Reggae fever
  8. The Inspirations - Bongo nyah
  9. The Inspirations - Who you gonna run to
  10. The Inspirations - Sweet sensation
  11. The Inspirations - Fattie fattie
  12. Lloyd 'Gitsy' Willis & The Destroyers - Liquidator
  13. Joe Gibson & The Destroyers - Franco Nero
  14. The Inspirations - Tale back your duck
  15. The Destroyers - Niney special
  16. The Immortals - Perfect born ya
  17. Joe Gibbs & The Destroyers - Rock the clock
  18. The Inspirations - La la
  19. Joe Gibbs & The Destroyers - Money raper
  20. The Inspirations - The train is coming
  21. The Destroyers - Danger zone
  22. The Inspirations - Man oh man
  23. The Destroyers - Hijacked
  24. The Inspirations - Message to you
  25. The Destroyers - Franco Nero version 2
  26. The Immortals - Red red wine
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4

The last scheduled release in a series of Trojan compact discs highlighting the output of highly respected Jamaican producer Joe Gibbs, 'Reggae Fever' brings together some of his best known releases from 1969 and 1970. First issued in 1970, the album 'Reggae Fever' was primarily a vehicle to showcase The Inspirations, one of Jamaica's leading vocal groups, fronted by the hugely talented Jimmy London. Now this album has been made available on cd with a further 14 tracks from the period added to the original listing.
The Inspirations recorded some sides for producer Lee Perry, before teaming up with Joe Gibbs. Seven tracks on 'Reggae fever' are versions of late sixties reggae hits such as 'Fattie Fattie' (not The Heptones cut !), Max Romeo's 'Wet Dreams', The Melodians' 'Sweet Sensation' and The Pioneers' 'Samfie Man'. Late 1970 the duo parted company with Joe Gibbs, recording sides for Lee Perry and a one-off single for the Top Cat imprint, prior to going their seperate ways in the beginning of 1971.
Top session guitarist Lloyd 'Gitsy' Willis was credited as composer on two of the three instrumentals, including the title track, which uses the riddim of The Techniques all time hit, 'You Don't Care'. That same riddim is also featured on the two 'Franco Nero' tracks. The Destroyers' 'Niney Special' utilizes the riddim track of The Reggae Boys 'Mama Look Deh' and 'Danger Zone' is an instrumental version of Ken Parker's cut 'Only Yesterday'.
Almost all of the material featured on this set has remained unissued for almost thirty years and this cd will satisfy anyone with an above average interest in vintage reggae.

Teacher & Mr. T.