The Tennors & Friends ~ Reggae Girl
Trojan Records
2 CD
March 27, 2007

Track list
Disc 1

  1. The Tennors - Reggae Girl
  2. The Harmonians - Oh My Baby
  3. The Tennors - (Rub Me) Khaki
  4. Ronnie Davis & The Tennors with Tommy McCook - The Stage
  5. Clive's All Stars - Donkey Trot
  6. Roman Stewart & The Tennors with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - While I Was Walking
  7. Eric 'Monty' Morris - He Is Back
  8. The Tennors - Ride Your Donkey
  9. Cliff Smith - I'm Gonna Make It
  10. The Harmonians - Go Your Way
  11. The Tennors - Grampa
  12. The Tennors - Cleopatra
  13. Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore - Parapinto
  14. Charlie Organaire with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Copy Me Donkey
  15. Winston Wright & The Mules - Puzzle
  16. Delroy Jones & The Tennors - Double Attack
  17. Karl Bryan - The Creeper
  18. The Tennors - Massie Massa
  19. Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore - Cool Hand Luke
  20. Delroy Jones - Donkey Skank
  21. Clive's All Stars - San Sebastian
  22. The Tennors - You're No Good
  23. Eric 'Monty' Morris - A Little Bit Of This
  24. Eric 'Monty' Morris - Deportation
  25. The Tennors - Do The Reggae
  26. The Pacesetters - Nimrod Leap
Disc 2

  1. The Tennors - (Born To Be A) Sufferer
  2. Eric 'Monty' Morris with The Viscounts - Shame Face
  3. Jackie Bernard & The Tennors with The Viscounts - Little Things
  4. Jackie Bernard & The Tennors with The Viscounts - Another Scorcher
  5. Vin Gordon - Tribute To Don Drummond
  6. The Fabion & The Tennors - V-Rocket
  7. The Tennors - My Baby
  8. The Inspirations - Wonder Of Love
  9. The Inspirations - Cinderella
  10. The Kingstonians - I Am Just A Minstrel
  11. The Kingstonians - Yesterday
  12. The Tennors - Making Love
  13. The Tennors - Festival Knocks
  14. The Tennors - Baff Boom
  15. Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore - Stagger Back
  16. The Tennors - Sign Of The Times
  17. The Tennors - Feel Bad
  18. The Tennors - True Brothers
  19. The Tennors - I Want Everything
  20. The Pacesetters - Bits And Pieces
  21. The Tennors - Cherry
  22. The Tennors - I've Got Soul
  23. The Tennors - (So Very) Hard To Believe
  24. The Tennors - Doctor's Medley
  25. Ronnie Davis & The Tennors - Run Come
  26. Ronnie Davis & The Tennors - Baby Come Home
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
The Tennors, initially a vocal duo formed in the early sixties by Albert George Murphy (aka Clive Tennors) and Alvin 'Cheng Cheng', who was replaced by Maurice 'Professor' Johnson in 1965, and later joined by Norman Davis, began recording in 1967, during the creative eruption that shook Jamaican music in the aftermath of ska. By 1965, the music was changing; by the end of the year, ska was history. The three-year period following ska was surely the Golden Age of Jamaican music: rocksteady -- the brilliant flowering of harmony groups and singers with names that are legendary to collectors of Jamaican music. Groups like The Maytals, The Gaylads, The Ethiopians, Justin Hinds & The Dominoes, Alton & The Flames, The Wailers and many others live on in memories and the influence they had in shaping reggae.

Due to the untimely death of Maurice Johnson after they had recorded their debut single "Pressure And Slide" for Studio One, which became a massive hit on the island, Albert George Murphy took the role of lead vocalist while Norman Davis and new member Milton Wilson provided harmonies. This line-up went on to make a number of Jamaican chart-topping hits including "Ride Yu Donkey", "(Rub Me) Khaki" and the sublime "Cleopatra", all three featured on this compilation set.

The Tennors flourished during a time of boundless optimism in Jamaica. Their music reflects a happy period in the island's history. Though rarely heard by today's listeners, rocksteady embodies all of the flavor and charm that makes Jamaican music so appealing. The qualities that fueled reggae's wider popularity were present in rocksteady, but the marketing and distribution of the earlier music was very limited. Also, for many years in Jamaica, the island's musical pioneers were overlooked. Luckily a growing number of legendary Jamaican artists have been rediscovered in recent times, finding a new audience among those too young to hear them before.

A further change of The Tennors' line-up took place when the young Ronnie Davis joined the group as lead singer. His distinctive style had real great impact and resulted in a series of hits including, "Another Scorcher", "Groovy Lover" and "Weather Report". Although popular in Jamaica, the Tennors, like most ska and rocksteady performers, failed to achieve the international recognition they deserved and broke up in 1974, a year after they were recognized as the Best Performers at 1973's Jamaican Music Festival, when they performed the celebratory "Hopeful Village".

The 'limited edition' dbl cd "The Tennors & Friends ~ Reggae Girl" is part of the 'Trojan Fan Club' series and contains nothing less than 52 tracks consisting of the original 12 tracks of the Tennors' "Reggae Girl" LP -- first issued on Trojan's subsidiary Big Shot Records, and recently named by a record collector magazine as one of the most collectable LP's ever -- boosted by a further 40 Clive Tennors produced recordings from the late sixties and early seventies.

This copious and comprehensive compilation features astoundingly soulful easy rocking tunes, most of them by The Tennors or solo material from the members of the group. Other great harmony groups of the day like The Harmonians, The Kingstonians, The Inspirations and The Pacesetters, as well as a few solo artists such as Charlie Organaire, Delroy Jones, and Eric 'Monty' Morris and musicians like Karl Bryan, Johhny Moore and Winston Wright, get showcased too. It's a real joy to listen to all these classic tunes gathered here as it never gets boring to listen to fine lead vocalists, delicate harmonies and smooth rocking beats.

A truly great and valuable release, which should not be missed by anyone who is interested in the history of Jamaican music.