Various artists album review
Reggae's Finest Vol. 1
TP Records
18 - 08 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Junoir Reid - John Law
  2. Prestige - Better Day
  3. Capleton - After Dark
  4. Marcia Gaynor - Bet You Couldn't
  5. Afire - No Other Love
  6. Scare Dem Crew - From You Know You Proud
  7. Brutus - Dead Or Alive
  8. Mallory Williams - Best Of My Love
  9. Bagga Case - Friend
  10. Tanya Stephens - True Potential
  11. Yami Bolo - Vampire
  12. Wada Blood - Meditation
  13. Sugar Minott - More Than I Can Take
  14. Midas - A Little Light
  15. Carl Dawkins - The Love We Had
  16. Shaka Shaks - Influence
  17. Sidney Mills, Dennis Thompson - No Other Love (Instr.)
  18. Bobby Digital, H. Francis - Influence (Instr.)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 3/4

A variety of artists, singing styles and reggae flavors can be captured on this nice eightteen track compilation set. Besides household names like Sugar Minott, Junior Reid, Tanya Stephens and Capleton this album features some interesting and promising contributions from up-an-coming artists. Former Black Uhuru frontman Junior Reid utilizes the hotter than hot "Street Sweeper" riddim for a new cut of "John Law", a true tribute to all ganja smokers. Over the same riddim track a very young sounding Wada Blood delivers a nice conscious tune dealing with matters of the suffering youth. Deejay Prestige's reality tune "Better Day" is a fine effort of a young artist who has the potential to become a household name if he succeeds to develop himself further. Capleton has already established himself and contributes with the solid "After Dark". A song with lyrics that are true and a warning to all. With Marcia Gaynor's "Bet You Couldn't" the sound changes to the "lovers rock" style with female singer Afire delivering a very good tune. Scare Dem Crew represents the hardcore dancehall part with a song that incorporates a verse reminiscent to the "Lambada". Brutus, Mallory Williams and Bagga Case deliver efforts which tend to the smoother side of Reggae music, before Tanya Stephens takes over to perform "True Potential" in her typical and, by now, well-known style. With the uplifting "Vampire" Yami Bolo delivers an awesome track about the true liberation of all people. Sugar Minott's "More Than I Can Take" is a solid song, Midas delivery sounds interesting enough to watch this artist in the future. Singer Carl Dawkins and deejay Shaka Shaks add nice efforts before two instrumentals complete this well-varied compilation album.

Teacher & Mr. T.