Various artists album review
Reggae Superstars ~ 42 Top Ranking Reggae Classics
Triple CD set
June 12 - 2004

Tracking list

    Disc 1
  • 01 Michael Rose - Draw The Weed
  • 02 Buju Banton - Love How The Gal Dem
  • 03 Lucky Dube - Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong
  • 04 Morgan Heritage - Ah Who Dem (feat. Junior Kelly)
  • 05 Culture - Dog A Go Nyam Dog
  • 06 Everton Blender - King Man
  • 07 Mutabaruka - Time We Realize
  • 08 Beres Hammond - Roadblock
  • 09 Andrew Tosh - Same Dog
  • 10 Horace Andy - Cassandra
  • 11 Tony Rebel - Ungrateful
  • 12 Wayne Wonder - Die Without You
  • 13 Dennis Brown - Give Thanks
  • 14 Sugar Minott - Lover's Race
   Disc 2
  • 01 Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
  • 02 Alton Ellis - Cry Tough
  • 03 Leonard Dillon The Ethiopian - One Step Forward
  • 04 Albert Griffiths & The Gladiators - Walk Foot Man
  • 05 The Heptones - Temptation, Botheration and Tribulation
  • 06 Dillinger - Nebuchadnezze
  • 07 Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Thoroughfare
  • 08 Frankie Paul - All Out Of My Mind
  • 09 Lee "Scratch" Perry - Bionic Rat
  • 10 Big Youth - Suffering
  • 11 U Roy And The Jamaicans - Peace And Love
  • 12 Tommy McCook And The Supersonics - Real Cool
  • 13 John Holt - I See Your Face
  • 14 Leroy Sibbles - You Turn Me On
   Disc 3
  • 01 Jahmali - El Shaddai
  • 02 Garnett Silk - A Man Is Just A Man
  • 03 Aston Familyman Barrett - Eastern Memphis
  • 04 LMS - Blessed Joy
  • 05 The Ethiopians - Obeah Book
  • 06 Niney - Blood And Fire
  • 07 Alton Ellis - Girl I've Got A Date
  • 08 Admiral Tibet - Fire Burning
  • 09 Yami Bolo - Turbo Charge
  • 10 The Skatalites - Sailing Along
  • 11 Roots Radics - Strong Like A Lion
  • 12 Freddie McGregor - Chant It Down
  • 13 Roland Alphonso - Feeling Fine
  • 14 Junior Byles - Weeping
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Drawn from the extensive vaults of the Heartbeat catalogue comes this really nice priced triple cd set, nicknamed "Triple Treat 3CD - Reggae Superstars ~ 42 Top Ranking Reggae Classics" containing 42 tracks. The tracklisting reads almost like a "who's who in reggae" and features many legendary musicians, singers, toasters and groups from past and present. Anyone who is familiar with the reggae business will definitely pick his favourite tunes from this enjoyable collection, thoughtfully compiled by the one and only Arno from Continental Record Services. If you're ever wanted to get familiar with reggae music this is your chance, dont hesitate and grab a copy of this set. For long time reggae fans this set is a nice collection of tunes they probably all know and love.
Please find below a description of some of the artists whose music is featured on this set as provide by the record company.

  • Michael Rose
    As the former lead singer and chief creative force of the Grammy-winning Black Uhuru, Michael Rose conquered the world with songs like "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner," "Sinsemilla," "Shine Eye Girl," and many others. As a solo artist, he is touring the world and releasing many strong albums on Heartbeat. Karl Pitterson and Dr. Paul provide the perfect musical thunder. Get ready because the storm is coming!

  • Buju Banton
    Banton ruled the Jamaican dancehall and even made some headway in the US. His songs are the foundation of a career that's still going strong.

  • Lucky Dube
    Local Reggae fans got lucky with the release of South African legend Lucky Dube's 2003 album, his first new work since his 2001 Sama-winning album "Soul Taker". Titled "The Other Side", the current album features Lucky's evocative single "Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong" - an optimistic song about surviving bad times and emerging stronger.

  • Morgan Heritage
    On their current album "Three In One" the Morgans present a range of songs illustrating the varied influences that they have encountered along their musical journey. "Three In One" makes both a spiritual and musical reference. Blending classic Reggae riddims with vocal and song writing influences as diverse as Curtis Mayfield and Kurt Cobain. The trinity of the Morgan's music is roots, rock and Reggae.

  • Culture
    The sound of Culture. From the solid foundation of roots Reggae the voice of Joseph Hill presents the views of the man in the street. War, poverty, suffering and the redemption of love and faith are the topics of the soul. The reasoning of the mind. Understanding and upliftment are the rewards of knowledge and Culture's perception of life's journey is made universal through his music born of sympathy and concern for the poor and oppressed. Culture joins with the Firehouse Crew and the musicians from Shaggy's band to weave a tapestry of true Reggae. The legendary Joseph Hill, who brought the world classics like "Two Sevens Clash", remains one of the greatest voices of Roots Reggae. Walk In Jah Light.

  • Everton Blender
    Everton Blender. The voice of conscious Dancehall, whose faith has never faltered and whose vision has never dimmed. The Natty Dread who lifted up his head in knowledge and awareness in the voice of solidarity, blackness and strength. Blender has long been an advocate for the downtrodden and disposed, but he is also one of Reggae's most beloved dancehall artists. Never straying from the straight and narrow way Everton Blender carries on the traditions of the great voices of Jamaica. Sweetness and peace in the Dancehall. Uniting with the players of instruments in L.A. and Kingston, Jamaica including Dean Fraser, Robbie Lyn, Culture and members of Shaggy's band in a conscious extravaganza of harmony and livity for the ages. "Together we pray, the stronger we will be."

  • Mutabaruka
    Dub poet, radio host, and author Mutabaruka is Jamaica's voice of the people. Spanning a recording career of 21 years, Muta is back with his first album since 1994, "Life Squared". A true individual, Mutabaruka's lyrics are insightful, intelligent, and powerful, as he comments on all aspects of human nature. Life Squared features the single "The Monkey" and also the title track to "Life and Debt", the acclaimed film that documents real life experiences in Jamaica.

  • Horace Andy
    The album "See And Blind" is produced by Bunny Gemini and recorded at Record Factory Recording Studio in Kingston with such fine musicians like the Firehouse Crew, Axeman, Lascelles Beckford, David Madden and Dean Fraser providing the riddims. The album collects brand new tunes as well as do-overs of some of Horace's older tunes, which actually can't be found amongst the ones in his hit catalogue.

  • Tony Rebel
    Approximately half a year after Penthouse Records released the first volume of Tony Rebel's "Collectors Series" there is more musical niceness of this cultural-oriented singer/deejay gathered on his "Collectors Series, Vol. 2". Since Rebel's debut in 1988 his association with Penthouse producer Donovan Germain proved the most successful move in his career. "Mandela Story" - included on this compilation set - was one of the first singles Tony Rebel recorded for this producer, who truly gave this ever conscious artist the opportunity to establish his style.

  • Dennis Brown
    One of Reggae's greatest singers, the late Dennis Brown topped the Jamaican charts for years, and his partnership with Niney the Observer produced some of his greatest hits. They reunited for the album Cosmic Force, which features the cream of reggae musicians, among them Sly and Robbie.

  • Sugar Minott
    Dancehall is Sugar Minott. He has ruled the dance and the airwaves as the voice of Reggae. Original Dancehall hitmaker Sugar is also known for his many Lovers Rock hits that nice'd up the UK and Jamaica. From top dance hits like "Dancehall Business", to the militant rock of "Hard Time Pressure" and to the sweet lover's vibe of "Lover's Race," Sugar Minott is one of the best ever !

  • Black Uhuru
    From the brilliant 1979 album by the pioneering Reggae group, with the original line-up of Michael Rose, Duckie Simpson and Puma Jones, which launched their successful international career as the world's most popular Reggae band for much of the 1980s come the tune "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner", produced and backed by Sly and Robbie

  • Alton Ellis
    He's the sweet voiced giant of Jamaican music, who put the Treasure Isle label on the map with his buoyant, soaring vocals dancing along the grooves of the label's greatest hits. His work for Studio One remains one of the finest music to come out of Jamaica.

  • Leonard Dillon, The Ethiopian
    For the last twenty years Leonard Dillon has been one of the leading figures in Reggae music. His songs have dominated the Jamaican airwaves and his message has captured the imagination of reggae fans throughout the world. His is a timeless voice that expresses the yearnings and dreams of peoples around the world, not just in Jamaica.

  • Albert Griffiths & The Gladiators
    Albert Griffiths is one of the most inspiring voices in Reggae. Through his music Albert tackles the great issues of human relationships within a framework of rock solid rhythm and melodic innovation. This is music of depth and feeling -- at once human, spiritual, and invigorating; the accomplishments of a master.

  • Big Youth
    Big Youth is a Reggae veteran with a large Jamaican and U.S. following. Most of his tunes were originally released on his own Negusa Nagast label. "Suffering" is one of his finest efforts.

  • Leroy Sibbles
    Blessed with unequalled songwriting abilities and a sweet sensual voice, former Heptones (founding) member Leroy Sibbles will never be far from the forefront of Reggae music. Leroy Sibbles always manages to deliver truly solid efforts in a contemporary style with links to parts of that rich Jamaican musical heritage.

  • Garnett Silk
    The song "A Man Is Just A Man" proves -once again- that Garnet Silk was a unique talent and that he still is sadly missed. A recommended album.

  • Aston "Familyman" Barrett
    Aston "Familyman" Barrett was Bob Marley's bass player, band leader, and arranger. He toured and recorded with the legendary Wailers from 1969 until Bob Marley's untimely death in 1981. Familyman is one of the cornerstones of Reggae music, emulated by other musicians and venerated by Wailers fans throughout the world. Apart from the Wailers, his bass playing has graced records by artists as varied as John Denver, Alpha Blondy, and Burning Spear.

  • Admiral Tibet
    Admiral Tibet has been a force to be reckoned with since the start of Reggae's digital age. The young cultural singer kicked off his career with hit singles for successful producers like Winston Riley, Gussie Clarke, Bobby Digital and Prince Jammy. Throughout his career Admiral Tibet has always stayed true to his principal rejection of 'slackness' and 'guntalk'.

  • Roots Radics
    Roots Radics (lead guitarist Dwight Pinkney, rhythm guitarist Bingy Bunny, bassist Flabba Holt, drummer Style Scott and new keyboardist Earl Fitzsimmons) is one of the hottest bands in Reggae. For almost 20 years they've been a barometer of changing musical tastes and ideas in Jamaica, providing studio backup for Bunny Wailer, Gregory Isaacs, Michigan & Smiley, Culture, Wailing Souls, Sugar Minott - and just about everyone else. In fact, modern dancehall was created in the early '80s almost exclusively using the backing of the Roots Radics. Maintaining a supple balance between the traditional and innovative, the sacred and the secular, has brought the Roots Radics international critical acclaim.

  • Freddie McGregor
    Freddie McGregor is one of Reggae's golden voices, and sings deeply spiritual, Rasta-influenced songs like "Rastaman Chant", "Jah Count on I", and "Chant Down Babylon" but also soulful Lovers Rock like "Sitting In The Park" and "Lovers Rock".

    Teacher & Mr. T.