Various artists album review
Reggae Vibes
Jamdown Records

Tracking list

  1. Heather Cummings - Hanky Panky
  2. Bertus - Assett
  3. Ghost - Midnight Hour
  4. A.R.P. - Soon
  5. Anthony B - No Like What A Gwaan
  6. Little Switch - Spanish Fly
  7. Tanya Stephens & Dilgin - Come Nuh
  8. Q.T. - Nobody Else
  9. Ritchie Stephens & Degree - Get It On
  10. Cobra & A.R.P. - Baby Let's Do It
  11. Mark Ice - Still The One
  12. Hawkeye - Mi Body
  13. Tanto Metro, Devonte & Natch - What Can I Do
  14. Frankie Sly - Papa Proud
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Jamdown Records hits the streets again with a brand new set of tunes gathered from a variety of producers including Richard Browne (Call Me Shams), Steven Ventura (Kings of Kings), Tony Lynx (Lynx Productions), Mark Hudson and Daryl ‘Cash’ Barnett (Stone Cold Productions), and Robert Bailey from up and coming production company Wall Street Records.
On "Reggae Vibes" (just wondering if this title is refering to....?!) the listener's eardrums are mainly treated to smooth reggae tracks with an unmistakable r&b flavor. Sweet-voiced female singer Heather Cummings has just the kind of vocal style that fits the appealing "Latino" riddim very well. Then singjay Bertus (a typical Dutch first name !!) delivers another entertaining cut to this riddim. Ghost's unique vocal style - which you either love or hate - can be captured in "Midnight Hour", utilizing the "Curfew" riddim. Next are the outfit A.R.P., chart topper Anthony B, and Little Switch, all riding Stone Cold's "Spring Water" riddim. Best out of three is definitely chart topper Anthony B, whose "No Like What A Gwaan" is a solid message tune. Two cuts on the "Dutty Style" riddim : the nice "Come Nuh" from Tanya Stephens & Dilgin followed by the excellent - although very strongly r&b related - lovers tune "Nobody Else" from newcomers Q.T..
Mainstays Richie Stephens and Degree continue that r&b vibe with "Get It On", showcasing Richie Stephens' awesome soulful voice to full effect. Another fine version over the same riddim is delivered by Cobra and A.R.P.. A mediocre contribution from Mark Ice is followed by Hawkeye's "Mi Body", a truly far better version to the riddim. number one duo of the year Tanto Metro & Devonte featuring Natch makes a decent impression with the infectious "What I Can Do". Franky Sly rounds off this throughout enjoyable set with the Richard "Shams" Browne produced "Papa Proud" across one of the best Dancehall riddims of this year, the hotter than hot "Intercourse".

Teacher & Mr. T.