Various artists album review
Regg' In Europe
Productions Speciales
October 23, 2004

Tracking list - Disc 1

  1. Zazuzi - Jestes
  2. Deep Culcha - Somebody
  3. Winston Francis & AJ Franklin - Back To Ethiopia
  4. Brother YaYa - Beg A Beng
  5. Dub Incorporation - Murderer
  6. Panache Culture feat. Najah - Policeman
  7. Ras Daniel Ray & Piratedub - Back To Roots
  8. Jazz Gangsters - Rumours Of War
  9. Ras Fire & Righteous Rockers - Rock And Groove
  10. Jan Delay - Andy Bürger Von Konsolien
  11. Seyni & Yeliba - No Manipulations
  12. The Magadogs - Come On
Tracking list - Disc 2
  1. Activator - Out Of Babylon
  2. Makating - Wicked Ting
  3. Basque Dub Foundation - Judgement Time
  4. Moonraisers - Slave Station
  5. Natanael - Hermit
  6. Mika - Be Strong
  7. I-Shen Rockers - One Man One Vote
  8. Canaman - Fiesta Rasta
  9. Discipulos De Otila - Losing Papers
  10. Wood In Di Fire - Foot In Di Wire
  11. Paprika Korps - Camp Babylon
  12. B.R. Stylers - AB 160 (Don't Sleep)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

"Regg' In Europe" is an original and interesting project initiated by French "Productions Speciales". Gathered on this double-cd compilation set are 24 European reggae artists and bands who represent 11 European countries including Spain, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Sweden and Finland. All contributors deliver their own blend of roots reggae music, ranging from the roots rock reggae of Mika and instrumental reggae of Brother YaYa to the African reggae of Seyni & Yeliba. Thus we're treated to a well varied and entertaining collection of tunes, revealing some truly good efforts from artists who are mostly unknown outside their own country. Most of the songs are sung in English, which makes them easy to understand for a wide audience. But there are also a few artists who sing in their native language like for example Zazuzi from Poland, Dub Incorporation from France and Germany's Jan Delay. Standout tracks on disc one are Deep Culcha's energetic "Somebody", Winston Francis & AJ Franklin's infectious "Back To Ethiopia", Dub Incorporation's wicked "Murderer", Panache Culture's excellent "Policeman", and the entertaining "Back To Roots" by Ras Daniel Ray & Piratedub". With regards to disc two it are tunes such as Makating's mesmerizing "Wicked Ting", Canaman's joyful "Fiesta Rasta", "Judgement Time" by Basque Dub Foundation, I-Shen Rockers' "One Man One Vote", and Wood In Di Fire's "Foot In Di Wire" that make a serious impression. With the rest of the songs featured on this double-cd set being very nice stuff, it's obvious that "Regg' In Europe" is worthwhile checking out!

Teacher & Mr. T.