Reggae In Motion
Music Mecka Records
Digital Release
April 17, 2013

Reggae In Motion - Various Artists Track list
  1. OJ - Love U More
  2. Lady G - Stronger
  3. Anthony Q - Dirty Dance For Me
  4. Sophia Brown feat. Fiona - Standing Firm
  5. Droop Lion - Heart Of The Ghetto
  6. Ginjah - It's Love
  7. Anthony Red Rose - This Love
  8. Warrior King - Come Together
  9. Reggae In Motion Riddim
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
In 2011 reggae songstress Sophia Brown produced her very first riddim entitled "Lovers Rock Riddim" for her own Music Mecka record label, and now she returns with her second second riddim release called "Reggae In Motion". For this new riddim project, which has been in production for roughly a year, she worked with engineer Steven Stanley, who has been involved in many projects with top notch artists in the past. And it was actually Steven Stanley who came up with a name for the riddim.

"Reggae In Motion" is a well produced riddim with an infectious sound, relaxed feel, sweet backing vocals, a decent bass line, and nice kick drums throughout. A whole heap of well known Jamaican artists (only OJ is a rather unknown singer) have voiced a cut on the riddim, with actually Warrior King being the first person to record on the "Reggae In Motion". His song "Come Together", a call for unity, was then followed by 7 other vocal cuts, touching lovers themes as well as dealing with pure consciousness. Regarding the latter it's Lady G's uplifting "Stronger" that makes a very good impression, and the same goes for Droop Lion's "Heart Of The Ghetto". When it comes to love songs, the most listening pleasure comes from Ginjah's "It's Love" and Anthony Red Rose's "This Love". Also check Anthony Que's "Dirty Dance For Me" and Sophia Brown's collaboration with Fiona, "Standing Firm", because these efforts are also very pleasing to the ear.

In all "Reggae In Motion" is a thoroughly entertaining 'one riddim' set with no weak tunes around.