Reggaeville Riddim
Oneness Records
Digital Release
June 10, 2012

Reggaeville Riddim Selection - Various Artists Track list
  1. Ray Darwin - Father
  2. Bryan Art & Warrior King - New Day
  3. Etana - One Fist
  4. Rootz Underground - Windy Day
  5. Fyah T - Musical Shot
  6. Skarra Mucci feat. Kiprich - Love Mi Fi Me
  7. Erica Newell - Roses For My Baby
  8. Tarrus Riley - The World Is A Ghetto
  9. Sara Lugo & Kabaka Pyramid - High & Windy
  10. Iba Mahr - My Day
  11. Sizzla - Thatís Y
  12. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - Don't Give Up On Life
  13. Hawkeye & Ephraim Juda - Give Thanks For Life
  14. Danny Ranks & Ganjaman - The World Is Yours
  15. Naptali & Ras Muhamad - Farmerman
  16. Mark Wonder - The World Needs Love
  17. Teacha Dee - Sound System
  18. Jamie Irie - Mary Jane
  19. Nakria - Un Canci Mai
  20. Reggaeville Riddim Version

  21. Skillinjah & Josh Heinrichs - Call Of Duty
  22. Ky-Enie - Breathe Again
  23. G-Mac - Don't Judge Me
  24. Skanky feat. Simple FX - Psychose
  25. Blade Malachi - Rasta See And Know
  26. Reggae Rajahs - Make Up Your Mind
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Here's the very first release from reggae website REGGAEVILLE.com, aptly titled "Reggaeville Riddim", which is the fruit of their collaboration with German based Oneness Records. Contributions come from artists from all over the world, from Jamaica, the USA, Europe to as far as India and Indonesia, thus fully expressing the motto of the website - the world of Reggae in one village.

The "Reggaeville Riddim" is actually an update of the riddim that originally underpinned The Paragons' "Riding On A High And Windy Day", a massive hit in 1967 for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle, then played by Tommy McCook & The Supersonics. It were the days of vinyl pressings, and to kickstart the riddim track with the crackling sound older reggae fans were so familiar with, is a nice reference to it. A compelling riff sets the pace for this irresistible 'live' played riddim, which features a stunning amount of 25 vocal tracks.

The roster of artists who have voiced the riddim is quite impressive, not least because of the inclusion of tried and trusted hit making Jamaican stars such as Tarrus Riley, Etana, and Sizzla to name three. Of course, with so many cuts on the riddim it's obvious that not every effort can be a winner, but be assured that most of the tracks are truly worthwhile hearing. Without any doubt the real standouts are Etana's hard-hitting comment on world affairs called "One Fist", Sizzla's love tune "That's Y", Tarrus Riley's wonderful rendition of War's "The World Is A Ghetto" from 1972, and "Love Mi Fi Me" by Skarra Mucci & Kiprich.

But also don't overlook pieces such as Ray Darwin's "Father", Bryan Art & Warrior King's "New Day", Sara Lugo & Kabaka Pyramid's take on the original Paragons tune on their "High & Windy", Mark Wonder's "The World Needs Love", and Hawkeye & Ephraim Juda's "Give Thanks For Life" either as these are above par efforts. For those who understand Italian lyrics it's also worthwhile to check "Un Canci Mai" from Sicily's Nakria who contribute the hymn of "Movimento 5 Stelle", a political movement aiming to stop the corruption and self-enrichment of the country's politicians.

The free bonus EP, which can be downloaded here, is a nice addition to the 20 track riddim set.