Return Of The Rub-A-Dub Style
Echodelic Soundsystem
May 16, 2011

Ranking Joe Track list
  1. Tristan Palma - Sensimilla
  2. Lloyd Hemmings And Ranking Joe - Garrison
  3. Natty King - Me Nah Run
  4. Jimmy Riley - What Life Is Worth
  5. Tappa Zukie - Launch An Attack
  6. Ras Benji - Let Rasta In
  7. Patrick Andy - Bad Boy Johnny
  8. Tippa Lee - Me Nah Call No Police
  9. Lone Ranger - Keep On Dubbing In The Dance
  10. Sugar Minott - Slow Down
  11. Prince Jazzbo - Black Shadow
  12. Dylan Judah - Hail The King
  13. Welton Irie Ft. Joe Lickshot - Professional
  14. Kojak - Reality Song
  15. Ras Congo - Illuminati Crucifixion Party
  16. Jah Faith - Jah The Judge
  17. Future Pigeon - Dr. Philpots Dub
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The Echodelic Soundsystem has unleashed a nice digipack containing a wicked dvd with a docu of the Los Angeles Dub Club, filled with interviews and live footage of several reggae veterans. The digipack also holds a cd with 17 tracks of old time reggae music. The album of original music features many of the artists from the film as well as other reggae veterans and some local LA artists who perform at Dub Club regularly. The music was recorded in LA and the vocals were recorded both in LA and Kingston.

Reggae veteran Triston Palma opens in right style with the awesome tune Sensimilla, followed by the album's highlight, a duet by Lloyd Hemmings and Ranking Joe. Garrison warns the youth about the dangerous of the Garrison. The riddim is 70's style, with a contemporary edge, and Lloyd Hemming's vocal delivery is more than outstanding. The deejay part by Ranking Joe is wicked, do check this tune out! Jimmy Riley contributes a solid effort with What Life Is Worth. Lone Ranger uses the 'Heavenless' aka 'Entertainment' riddim for his tune Keep On Dubbing In The Dance. Nuff echo effects here! The infamous Joe Lickshot does the intro for Welton Irie's deejay cut Professional, a tune that rides the same riddim as the Lone Ranger's cut. The tune is a 'who is who' of reggae.

The late great Sugar Minott is here present as well. His tune Slow Down has a little too much rock guitar licks, but Sugar takes the song to a higher level! Prince Jazzbo brings us Black Shadow, a hard driven deejay tune. The lesser known Dylan Judah makes a truly good impression with his roots tune Hail The King. Further noteworthy tunes are Tippa Lee's Me Nah Call the Police, Ras Benji with Let Rasta In and Natty King's Me Nah Run. The album closes with an unorthodox dub workout of the 'Shank I Sheck' riddim by Future Pigeon. Great saxophone in there!

Good old time reggae collection, which is combined with a worthwhile dvd! Ignore at your peril!