Rewind And Come Again (Hits Of The Past)
Moods International Records
March 12, 2006

Track list
  1. Strong Back - Laurie Aitkens All Stars
  2. Build My World Around You - Slim Smith & The Uniques
  3. Good Ambition - Roy Shirley
  4. I Want You - Claire Raine
  5. Soul Jamaica - Carlton Moore
  6. Let's Dream - Laurie Aitkens All Stars
  7. Life Is But A Dream - Winston Shand & The Sheiks
  8. Hit Me Jack - Lloyd Young
  9. Come Children Come - Roy Shirley
  10. I'll Never Believe In You - The Dynamic Gang
  11. Give Me Some More Loving - Slim Smith & The Uniques
  12. Wedding Day - Carlton Moore
  13. In The Rain (Remix) - The Debonaires
  14. La-La-La - Claire Raine
  15. Raw Deal - Carl "Cannonball" Bryan
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 2
Any compilation set featuring tracks produced by a producer of Harry A. Mudie's stature will inevitably omit some favourite tracks, but there can be little complaint about the selection of vocals and instrumentals gathered on "Rewind And Come Again" (Hits Of The Past)". Hand-picked by one of reggae's best producers himself and released on his own 'Moods International' imprint, this very entertaining cd features fifteen tunes from the early, formative reggae era. In those days producers like for example Coxsone Dodd, Joe Gibbs, Clancy Eccles and Derrick Harriott made the strongest and most consistent impact in Jamaica, but undoubtedly the most refined productions came from Harry Mudie. His riddim tracks -- often recorded at Studio One -- were distinguished for being as heavy as any, but also very melodic and well crafted. Besides that he worked with only the most professional of vocalists, who included John Holt, Dennis Walks, the Heptones, Ebony Sisters, The Eternals, Lloyd Jones and the late great Slim Smith. The latter (along with his group the Uniques) is featured here twice. Both "Build My World Around You" and the major hit "Give Me Some More Loving", and also tunes such as Roy Shirley's "Good Ambition" and his cultural piece "Come Children Come", Claire Raine's lovers tune "I Want You", and Winston Shand & the Sheiks' "Life Is But A Dream", combine outstanding material, strong riddims and flawless vocal performances. Don't overlook instrumentals like Laurie Aitkens All Stars' sweet and heavy "Strong Back" and the wonderful "Raw Deal" by Carl "Cannonball" Bryan, because they are truly worth of hearing. All in all this is a worthwhile collection of tunes coming from the vaults of one of the most under-celebrated Jamaican producers. Ignore at your peril!

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