Various artists album review
Reggae Hits 2001
Jamdown Records

Tracking list

  1. Glen Washington - Home Again
  2. George Nooks - Your Eyes
  3. Limmy Paul - Contemplate
  4. Kirk Davis - Life
  5. Paul Hue & Alcatraz - Rightful Ruler
  6. Yogie - Here Again
  7. Anthony B - Pon Di Corner
  8. Jigsy King - Nah Give Up
  9. Capleton & Pinchers - The Way You Si Mi Look
  10. Kiprich - It's Over Now
  11. Degree - Sugar
  12. Mikey General - The Love Of Jah
  13. Anthony Cruz - I Love You
  14. ARP - Why
  15. Jimmy Riley - Love Is The Key
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Jamdown Records have established themselves as one of the leading record companies when it comes to presenting the most fashionable Jamaican reggae and dancehall artists and their slammin' hit tunes for the hottest riddims in a so-called "juggling style". Besides that they have also released a series of enjoyable straight forward compilation sets in both the dancehall and reggae vein.
Jamdown's 3rd installment in the "Reggae Hits" series, simply entitled "Reggae Hits 2001", can be reckoned among their very best releases as this set is truly good from start to finish. The bulk of the material - 12 tracks - is produced by Mark Hudson for "Stone Cold Productions", while the remaining three tracks are produced by Shane Richards (Kiprich's "It's Over Now") and the Jamdown Crew (Anthony B's "Pon Di Corner" and Jigsy King's "Nah Give Up"). With the inclusion of the Anthony B and the Jigsy King pieces the Jamdown crew unleashes two more cuts for their killer riddim "Uprising". It's Anthony B who delivers the most solid effort, but also Jigsy King's version is well worth spinning. Shane Richards is widely known for his hardcore dancehall production work for his own "Shines" imprint. However, in this case he has produced a more vintage sounding lovers tune across a revitalized riddim version of Studio One's classic "Death In The Arena", delivered by dancehall artist Kiprich who surprisingly performs in a style reminiscent of Sanchez. The Mark Hudson produced tracks include cultural cuts, lovers songs and also an occasional dancehall flavored piece. First we are treated to Glen Washington's "Home Again" and George Nooks' "Your Eyes", both very entertaining pieces delivered over the same riddim. Then drops the next riddim, an awesome backdrop which is voiced by Limmy Paul, Kirk Davis, Paul Hue & Alcatraz, Anthony Cruz, ARP and reggae veteran Jimmy Riley. All six cuts are above par with the combination tune "Rightful Ruler" by Paul Hue & Alcatraz and Anthony Cruz's "I Love You" being the most outstanding efforts. Also outstanding is Mikey General's contribution "The Love Of Jah" and the same goes for Degree's awesome tune called "Sugar". "The Way You Si Mi Look" by Capleton & Pinchers is a rather nice dancehall tune, although it isn't exactly a tune that fits the format of this compilation set.
Jamdown's "Reggae Hits 2001" is a great collection of well produced reggae tunes, truly well worth checking out!!

Teacher & Mr. T.