Rhythm 2 Rhythm Vol. 3 ~ Beatitude & Rock Steady
Cou$ins Records / Black Arrow
June 19, 2005

Track list
    'Rock Steady'-riddim
  1. Let Your Life Be Right - Luciano
  2. Suffering - Sizzla
  3. Way Of Jah - Michael Rose
  4. I Can Remember - Lukie D
  5. More Love - George Nooks
  6. Help Me Jah - Don Campbell
  7. Help - Tony Curtis
  8. Better Than Lies - Sylvia Tella & Leroy Mafia
  9. Beatitude - Slim Smith
  10. Insecure - Santana
    'Rock Steady'-riddim
  11. Girl I Love You - Capleton
  12. My Angel - Singing Melody & Determine
  13. Run The Place - Jah Mason
  14. Empress - John Junior & President Brown
  15. Rastaman - Mikey General
  16. Easy - Lukie D
  17. Honest I Do - George Nooks
  18. I've Been Admiring - John Holt
  19. Blessed - Dr. Alimentado
  20. Beatitude Organ - Mafia & Fluxy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 3/4
Already the third album (and in my opinion the best so far in Cou$ins Records' Rhythm 2 Rhythm Series. "Rhythm 2 Rhythm Vol. 1" anthologized 15 'Sleng Teng' and 5 'Duck Dance' tunes, "Rhythm 2 Rhythm Vol. 2" focused on roots featuring 'Joe Frasier' a.k.a. 'Dub Organizer' and Edward 'Carat' Murray's 'Tucu'-riddim. Cou$ins records was established in 1992 after Donville Davis had spent numerous months between England, Jamaica & America sourcing new & veteran reggae artists to record on new & old riddims produced by himself and built exclusively by England's own inimitable rhythm twins Mafia & Fluxy. After a string of successful releases on Cou$ins Records including Cobra's reggae top ten chart hit "Rude Bwoy Tune", Chaka Demus & Pliers "World Of Girls" & Leroy Mafia's "You Lie" which both reached number one in the reggae charts, Donville Davis has been busy recording & releasing numerous new projects on Cou$ins & his new offshoot label Black Arrow. Now 'Rhythm 2 Rhythm Vol. 3' rides the Edward 'Carat' Murray produced version of Alton Ellis' 1967 Treasure Isle scorcher 'Rock Steady' of which the original riddim last year backed the charttopping "Walk Away From Love" by Bitty McLean in a Mafia & Fluxy remix. With a more than decent "Let Your Life Be Right" by Luciano and an excellent "Suffering" by Sizzla, followed by Michael Rose's more plaintive sung than his 'normal' Waterhouse-styled delivery "Way Of Jah" 3 great roots tunes precede the superb melancholic "I Can Remember" by Lukie D and George Nooks' plea for "More Love". Then UK lovers rock singer Don Campbell delivers the fine conscious "Help Me Jah" over the Mafia & Fluxy built and produced version of Slim Smith & the Uniques 'Beatitude', before Tony Curtis delivers his beautiful take "Help" on the Donville Davis produced version of the riddim. UK nightingale Sylvia Tella alongside producer Leroy Mafia contributes the smooth "Better Than Lies" before Mafia & Fluxy remix the smashing Slim Smith & The Uniques 1968 for Bunny Lee recorded "Beatitude (Blessed Are The Meek)" to full effect, followed by Steve 'Santana' Campbell, who caused a stir in the UK in 1997 with his "Heavily Protected" album, the second album for Twinkle Brothers, delivering the beautiful lovers tune deep down inside i'm "Insecure" i'm so scared that you will walk out my door. It's back to Donville Davis' 'Rock Steady' then with Capleton's "Girl I Love You" where he again (as he does on 'Real Life' with "Oh My") adopts that smooth lovers singing style very well. Singing Melody & Determine deliver a very fine lovers combination with "My Angel" before Jah Mason's fierce "Run The Place", John Junior & Prezident Brown's lovers combination "Empress" and Mikey General's upful "Rastaman". Lukie D and George Nooks show their fine singing on Donville Davis' 'Beatitude' as well for their equally strong "Easy" and "Honest I Do", before the original Bunny Lee 1973 John Holt take on the riddim "I've Been Admiring" and the 1975 Dr. Alimantado Bunny Lee produced DJ version of the Slim Smith tune "Blessed" a.k.a. "Chant To Jah" are featured. The album is closed with Mafia & Fluxy's "Beatitude Organ" on which they really capture the oldschool early/mid-seventies vibe of a reggae organ instrumental. Very nice album, it's a pity that the editing seems a bit lacklustre, and thus we miss the last couple of seconds of each tune.