Various artists album review
Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 & Remix Versions
Ruts DC vs Mad Professor vs Zion Train
Select Cuts-Munich
03 - 06 - 2002

Tracking list

Ruts DC vs. Mad Professor
  1. Whatever We Do
  2. Militant
  3. Push Yourself - Make It Work
  4. Rhythm Collision
  5. Accusation
  6. Pleasure Of The Dance
  7. Weakheart Heart Dub
  8. Love & Fire
  9. Weak Heart (12 Inch Mix)
  10. Militant (12 Inch Vocal Mix)
  11. Rhythm Collision (Mad Mix)
  12. Accusation (12 Inch Vocal Mix)
  13. Weak Heart (12 Inch Vocal Mix)

Ruts DC vs. Zion Train

  1. Whatever We Do
  2. Whatever We Dub
  3. Militant
  4. Militant Base
  5. Rhythm Collision
  6. Accusation
  7. Dub Accusations
  8. Pleasure Of The Dance
  9. Weakheart
  10. Love & Fire
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

The Ruts were one of the most loved bands to emerge from the punk era. The Ruts who had always a strong relation to Reggae due to their first single release ever for the Misty In Roots label People Unite. 'Babylon's Burning' or 'Jah War' were big tunes at that time and they are still a high class domination for Dreadbeat's. In 1982 the three members of RUTS DC immersed themselves in recording and producing the 'Rhythm Collision' - some of their finest work. The Mad Professor's memorable mixes helped the album to gain some kind of cult status which it continues to enjoy until this day. The originally release on the band's own Bohemian Records in 1982 was considered as a seminal slice of a neo-funk-roots-dub-rock masterpiece and immensely influential in UK Punk/Reggae circles. Roir Records in the USA had re-released that album as a cassette tape when during the licensing time obscure agreements had been made and European Vinyl and CD pressings were entering the market. Germany's Dub crossover label Echo Beach took over the copyright and was re-releasing the masterpiece on CD in 1994, including 5 bonus tracks (heavy sounding special 12' and vocal mixes).
Zion Train entered the picture during their peak of success on the new school of dub triumph. 'Rhythm Collision' had been a major influence on Zion Train before the members had even ever met. The logical conclusion of all of this was the request from Zion Train to remix that cult album themselves. With the original master tapes recorded by Mad Professor and played by Ruts DC, Zion Train did their mixing in early 1998 on Mad Professor's original handmade desk using his archaic 2Inch/24 track machine and his oldest effects units. During their seven days of sessions with Derek Ariwa at Ariwa, Zion Train's brass (Crispy Horn Section) section made a major contribution to the material which is otherwise the same as on the original tapes. The only track from the original album which has not been included, 'Push yourself', was omitted due to tape damage. The final result is solid piece of music in the history of Punk and Reggae, in the same way as they had been captured by the spiritual energy of the original release. Zion Train's remixes are extremely sensitive and perfectly in line with the original style of 'Rhythm Collision'. They managed to create a 10 track fusion of Dub-Roots-Reggae fused and bruised by p(f)unky licks. Select Cuts releases the double CD as a special two CD package for the price of one and the LP version appears for the first time on heavy 150 gramms double vinyl.

Teacher & Mr. T.