Various artists album review
The Biggest Rhythms
CD Only
01 - 10 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Lenky - Diwali - (produced by : Steven 'Lenky' Marsden)
  2. Shiah Coore - Mad Ants - (produced by : Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett)
  3. South Rakkas Crew - Clappas - (produced by : Alex G., Riprock & Dow Jones, add. prod. Mr. Vegas)
  4. Paul 'Computer Paul' Henton - Bollywood - (produced by : Byron Murray & Clifford Smith)
  5. Vendetta & Blaxxx - Egyptian - (produced by : Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis)
  6. Scatta & Eva - Coolie Dance - (produced by : Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell & Everton 'Eva' Burrell)
  7. Paul 'Teetimus' Edmund, Andre 'Suku' Gray, Paul 'Wrongmove' Crosdale & Paul 'Jazwad' Yebuah - Amharic - (produced by : Jammy 'Jam 2' James)
  8. Lenky - Masterpiece - (produced by : Steven 'Lenky' Marsden)
  9. Scatta - Bad Company - (produced by : Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell)
  10. Andre 'Suku' Gray & Paul 'Wrongmove' Crosdale - Sign - (produced by : Lloyd 'King Jammy' James)
  11. Vendetta - Good To Go - (produced by : Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett)
  12. Vendetta - Krazy - (produced by : Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett)
  13. Baby G & Paul 'Teetimus' Edmund - 20 Cent - (produced by : Trevor 'Baby G' James)
  14. Andre 'Suku' Gray & Paul 'Wrongmove' Crosdale - Jumbie - (produced by : Frenchie)
  15. Mark Hudson & Marvin Williams - Knockout - (produced by : Mark Hudson & Marvin Williams)
  16. Paul 'Teetimus' Edmund - Bun Bun - (produced by : Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller)
  17. Craig 'Leftside' Parks - Martial Arts - (produced by : Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell)
  18. Craig 'Leftside' Parks - C-4 - (produced by : Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell, Everton 'Eva' Burrell & Damian 'Teflon' Forbes)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Lead Instruments : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Thanks to the invaluable assistance of Germany's (in Münster located) Irie Records (check www.irierecords.de) I was able to buy this disc a week before its official release date. And as a dancehall addict, and buyer of all the 46 "Greensleeves Rhythm Albums" released till now, this CD left me with some mixed emotions. Simply put: these are all supertight dancehall riddims, now also available for the CD-buyer who normally doesn't have the luxury of a 2LP set to have the riddim on one turntable, and a song pon it on the other, without making a copy of the CD. But, only 18 tracks, surely there would have fitted a few more on this CD. And what about the inclusion of many versions that have already been released on the CDs in the "Greensleeves Rhythm Albums" series. I think it would have been a much nicer gesture to the buyers to include only versions (no matter how big the tunes left out then might be) that weren't included on the "Rhythm Albums" yet. That being said, "Clappas", "Bollywood", "Amharic", "Bad Company", "Krazy", "20 Cent", "Knockout", "Bun Bun", "Martial Arts" and "C-4" are new to CD, and this CD just shows the raw power of the riddims that have backed the Jamaican hits over the past 2 years. It is a great CD for dancehall lovers, but it could have been even better, and longer.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions