Various artists album review
Rice & Peas Vol. 1
Bakchich Records - Walboomers Music
01 - 02 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Morgan Heritage - Get On Board
  2. Yami Bolo - Mr. Smith & Wesson
  3. Junior Kelly - Good Tidings
  4. Anthony B - Tax
  5. Capleton - What They Gonna Do
  6. Luciano - Love His Majesty
  7. Glamma Kid - Confession
  8. Eddi Fitzroy - Tennament Yard
  9. King Kong - Unfortunate Children
  10. Shadow Man - If A Never Jah
  11. L.T. - Clean Out Yu Heart
  12. Junior Kelly - Hungry Days
  13. Anthony B - Mr. Labba Labba
  14. Anthony Red Rose - Life
  15. Everton Blender - Watch It
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

A strong selection of roots reggae dancehall pieces can be found on a compilation set entitled "Rice & Peas Vol. 1", which is released by French-based Bakchich Records. Fifteen solid, some even excellent, efforts - previously released as singles - are gathered from producers like Mafia & Fluxy, Winston Powell of Stone Love, Robert Ffrench, Firehouse Crew and Delon Reid. Namebrand Jamaican artists like Yami Bolo, Anthony B, Luciano, Capleton and Morgan Heritage alongside relatively new comers L.T. and the much anticipated Junior Kelly are featured here delivering mainly tracks from 1999 and also some newer material. Morgan Heritage have a magnificent album opener with "Get On Board", performed over Mafia & Fluxy's thunderous recut of Burning Spear's "Invasion / Wa Da Da" riddim. Yami Bolo is in real good shape and has an awesome cut over the classic "Give Me The Right" riddim. Junior Kelly's "Good Tidings" was one of his earliest singles and is a nice effort. Anthony B's excellent tune "Tax" is underpinned by a revitalized version of Dennis Brown's 1975 classic "No More Will I Roam" riddim. Capleton's name appears on almost every dancehall reggae compilation set released in recent times, which confirms the Prophet's supremacy. Despite Capleton's breathtaking series of records it's striking to witness how the man continues to deliver mainly peerless performances with "What They Gonna Do Now" over Manatee's "Reggae Blues" riddim being no exception. Luciano's "Love His Majesty" brings a solid effort over the revitalized "Tempo" riddim, while Glamma Kid rides a reworking of Horace Andy's classic tune "Money" for his entertaining "Confession". Eddi Fitzroy delivers a fine rendition of Jacob Miller's "Tennament Yard", which is produced by Chris Goldfinger of BBC radio fame. Excellent is the Robert Ffrench produced cut "Unfortunate Children" by dancehall veteran King Kong. More roots niceness comes from singjay Shadow Man whose "If A Never Jah" is an awesome cut over the infectious "Babatunde/Created By The Father" riddim, which was also utilized for Luciano's Henfield single "Punchline". The little known L.T. contributes a solid conscious tune before Junior Kelly's killer "Hungry Days" is loaded. Besides Junior Kelly it is Anthony B who is featured with two efforts and regarding the quality of "Mr. Laba Laba" he fully deserves it. Produced by the Firehouse Crew singer Anthony Red Rose delivers an outstanding piece entitled "Life", which is underpinned by an appealing "live" played riddim. Everton Blender rounds off this very enjoyable set with his self-produced "Watch It", which happens to be a solid delivery.
Although not collecting the most recent singles, "Rice & Peas Vol. 1" is truly good value for money!

Teacher & Mr. T.