Various artists album review
Riddim Ryders Vol. 1
Jamdown Records
2 CD
21 - 04 - 2001

Tracking list - Disc 1

  1. Da Butler, Baya, Tom Millet - Intro
  2. Mr. Vegas - Mek Me Se Di Hand Dem (Sway)
  3. Ricky Rudie aka Bling Dog - Cut And Go Through
  4. Tanto Metro & Devonte - Tell A Gal No
  5. Cecile & Don Yute - Get It On
  6. Kirk Davis - You Sing To Me
  7. Silver Cat - Hold Her Space (Simma)
  8. Patchie - Gal A Get Bright
  9. Elephant Man - Love Fi Bow Down
  10. Lukie D & Fiona - Love Me
  11. George Nooks & Anthony B - Joy
  12. Pinchers - Tomorrow
  13. Anthony Cruz & Powerman - I Waited For You
  14. Jimmy Riley - What Would I Do
  15. Fiona featuring Kiprich - Need Good Loving
  16. Chico - Don't Burn Your Bridges
  17. Sean Paul - Watch Dem Melt Away
  18. Galaxy P - Living In The Fast Lane
  19. Mr. Vegas - Be Unto Them
  20. Hawkeye - Tek A Rest
  21. Shadu - More Than One Woman
  22. Kiprich - Strength Fi All Woman
Tracking list - Disc 2
  1. Jazzy T (Renaissance Sound) - Continuous Mega Mix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

In contrary to Jamdown Records' compilation sets known from their much-anticipated series like for example "Reggae Xplosion", "Dancehall Xplosion", "The Ultimate Dancehall Mix" and "Dancehall Hits", this brandnew release entitled "Riddim Ryders Vol. 1" features twenty-one blazing tracks produced exclusively for or by Jamdown Productions and only available on this compilation album. Included is a bonus CD with Renaissance's Jazzy T skillfully blending all tracks from disc one for a decent continuous mega-mix.
"Riddim Ryders Vol. 1" includes the pure dancehall riddims "Anaconda" and "Da Groove" as well as a roots-oriented riddim called "Uprising", which are mainly voiced by the usual line-up of today's hottest artists. However some vets in he business - solo or in a combination duo - appear here as well, showing they are still able to deliver a noteworthy contribution to today's music business. Standout tracks for the infectious "Anaconda" riddim are Devonte & Tanto Metro's "Tell A Gal No", Ce'Cile & Don Yute's "Get It On" and Sean Paul's "Watch Dem Melt Away". Among the other pieces for the riddim no filler to be found, thus making them all well worth spinning too. Then the bouncing "Da Groove", which proves to be the perfect riddim for Patchie ("Gal A Get Bright"), Mr. Vegas ("Be Unto Them") and Kiprich ("Strength For All Woman") to deliver a standout effort. The truly awesome "Uprising" riddim has brought forth some great cuts with most notable "Joy", a real killer from the combination George Nooks & Anthony B. But also Pincher's "Tomorrow", Jimmy Riley's "What Would I Do" and "I Waited For You" by Anthony Cruz & Powerman fully deserve a "great" qualification .
Packed with all exclusive pieces - ranging from dancehall to lovers to roots & culture and thus covering a little of everything - this "Riddim Ryders" set is highly collectable for all avid reggae dancehall fans!

Teacher & Mr. T.