Various artists album review
RUNN Records
12 - 07 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Lord Bitum - Reggae Music
  2. Nachaydi - Amour Gloire Et Beauté
  3. Original Uman - Ne Me Juge Pas
  4. Sergent Garcia - Mi Ultima Voluntad
  5. Chezidek - Uprising
  6. Capleton - Make A Try
  7. Mounia - Trop D'Injustice
  8. Panache Culture - La Tête Baisser
  9. Anthony B - Take Time
  10. Ya Breeze - In The Jungle
  11. Redemption - La Me Je Vertellen
  12. Najah - Who Them Tryin' To Fool
  13. Bionik - Systeme Dead
  14. Chappa Jan - Fly Away
  15. Kulcha Knox - Hard Working Woman
  16. Jack Radics - When Will It End
  17. Frankie Paul - Tripping
  18. Yoni Vidal - Six String
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

"Pressure" is the follow-up to last year's one riddim set "10 To One", and has the same concept as its predecessor. Again we're treated to tunes from well known Jamaican artists like the great Capleton, Anthony B, Frankie Paul and the underrated Jack Radics alongside European big shots such as Sergent Garcia, Panache Culture and singjay sensation Original Uman. RUNN Records also continues to support and present new talent which makes that we can enjoy the musical talents of tomorrow's stars like Mounia, Bionik, Nachaydi, Najah and Yoni Vidal. Up-and-coming artists from Jamaica featured here are Chezidek, Chappa Jan and Ya Breeze. It's nice to see the gathering of talents from Jamaica and Europe on one disc. This fully expresses that reggae music has no borders, which even gets more impact by the fact that tracks are sung in English, French or even Dutch. The "Pressure" riddim has been created by Barry O'Hare and Ian "Beezy" Coleman, prior to the closing down of Grove Music & Recording Studio in Ochio Rios, Jamaica. Six tracks from Jamaican artists were recorded and mixed at the aforementioned studio, while two tracks - Capleton's "Make A Try" and "Take Time" by Anthony B - were recorded at Barry O'Hare's new W.A.M. Studio. All European recordings were done at RUNN Studio. Every tune has its own merit, but to us the real highlights are Original Uman's "Ne Me Juge Pas", Chezidek's "Uprising", Mounia's "Trop D'Injustice", Panache Culture's "La Tête Baisser", Najah's "Who Them Tryin' To Fool", Bionik's "Systeme Dead", Jack Radics' "When Will It End" and the awesome "Hard Working Woman" by Kulcha Knox. All in all a fine compilation set that should not be overlooked.

Teacher & Mr. T.