Rockers Vibration
Dread At The Controls
October 22, 2002

Track list
  1. The Ovationz - Shy Girl
  2. Michael Israel - Real Long Time
  3. The Ovationz - Forever Love
  4. Mikey Dread - Hot Cross Bun
  5. Hopeton Lindo - Black History
  6. Rod Taylor - His Imperial Majesty
  7. Sugar Minott - In This Time
  8. Sunshine - Taking the World
  9. Earl 16 - Mr. Deejay
  10. D.A.T.C. Stable - Freezing
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Port Antonio born rastaman Michael Campbell better known as Mikey Dread, delivered his earliest contribution to the reggae business towards the end of the seventies when he started to host his popular four-hour radio show "Dread At The Controls" on JBC, Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation. It was the first reggae radio show on the Island and the rootsiest Jamaica had ever heard!

Mikey became a massive hero in Jamaica and his success enabled him to record some impressive tunes for Lee Perry and Sonia Pottinger. After the JBC bosses and the island's establishment figures had forced him to resign from his programme in 1979 he turned his full attention to recording and launched his own D.A.T.C. label.

With fresh-sounding production work Mikey "Dread" Campbell became part of a group of young and talented producers who made their mark in the late seventies. Mikey Dread is an exceptional, consistently fascinating and above all very versatile figure in reggae music as he is radio deejay, dub engineer, record producer, recording artist, toaster, singer and songwriter to name a few of his crafts.

After nearly two decades of dealing with record companies -- which actually turned out to be a bad experience -- Mikey Dread has reactivated his Dread At The Controls (DATC) label in order to take matters into his own hands again. It has led to the reissue of Mikey Dread's "World War III", which can be regarded as one of his best vocal albums, and to the reissue of this awesome compilation set 'Rockers Vibration'. If our memory serves us well it was originally released in 1982.

Here you will find productions of acts like Earl 16, Rod Taylor, The Ovationz, Sugar Minott, Sunshine, Hopeton Lindo and Michael Israel, which can be considered as being the cornerstone of DATC back then. The magnificent tunes by The Ovationz - Shy Girl and Forever Love - are true classic gems. The same goes for Hopeton Lindo's Black History and Rod Taylor's His Imperial Majesty, both coming across the same haunting riddim. Sugar Minott is present here with a solid roots tune called In This Time. The unknown Sunshine delivers with Taking The World a splendid piece of music, but the winner is Earl Sixteen with Mr.Dj. It's a kind of asking song to the deejays, playing rockers rebel music all over the world, but no one can hear it on the radio.

Great classic set! Ignore at your peril!