Rock And Stop Riddim
Big Bout Ya Records
Digital Release
May 31, 2012

Track list
  1. Junior Demus - Talk Too Much
  2. Junior Cat - Ready Fi Di Whole A Dem
  3. Little Demus feat. Vixen Diva - No Lie Man
  4. Daddy Shark - Guns Out
  5. Pinchers - Yellow Belly Vaquero
  6. Ricky Chaplin - Rock And Stop
  7. Little Demus - We A Di Actor
  8. Sensa Demus - Rock And Stop Riddim Version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Big Bout Ya Records is a reggae label from Leuven, Belgium, run by Beatstreet sound. After more than 10 years of making mixtapes and playing music at parties and on the radio, Beatstreet Sound took a next step and started producing their own music. The first release that came out of this effort was the "Level Up" riddim in 2009, followed in 2011 by the "Shark Attack" riddim. On both riddims most of the artists came from Belgium as one of Big Bout Ya Records' main objectives is to give exposure to Belgian artists.

Now Big Bout Ya Records comes up with their third juggling affair, the "Rock And Stop" riddim. The latter will surely delight those dancehall aficionados who fondly remember the early 1990s, because the riddim not only is highly reminiscent of the sounds that ruled dancehall in those days, but also because most of the artists who have voiced the riddim belong to the top notch of artists from that period.

The set kicks off in great style with "Talk Too Much" by Junior Demus aka Conrad McNish, a legend in Jamaica and a fixture in NY dancehall, who is known and loved for the gruff-voiced chants that he can spill out at the drop of a dime. His first single called "When Me Come" was released in 1991, three years later followed by his debut album "Bad Fowl". One of his best known songs is the collaboration with Super Cat and the late Nicodemus entitled "Cabin Stabbin".

Next drops another highlight on the riddim, "Ready Fi Di Whole A Dem" by Junior Cat, who started deejaying at school talent shows and neighborhood dances under the name Mr. Docs. It was actually Junior Demus who crowned Super Cat's younger brother Junior Cat, when both artists were deejaying on a sound named Cosmic Force in Clarendon JA. Together with the King Jammy's crew he recorded his debut single "Never Dis The Program", a local hit that over the years was followed by more hits. This led to the recording of his first LP "Top Dog" in 1992. Junior Cat was one of dancehalls most prolific deejays in the late 80's through the mid 90's.

Daddy Shark, a country boy from St Ann who came to Kingston around 1985 to try and emulate the success of his older brother, the famous Josie Wales, had a long standing association with Sugar Minott's Youth Promotion. His "Guns Out" is a solid effort, showing this veteran is still able to deliver a worthy piece. Pinchers (born Delroy Thompson) gained international fame in 1987 with the King Jammy produced single "Agony". In 1990 he scored a big hit with "Bandelero", which endures as probably his most remembered single. Of all the artists featured here Pinchers is the only one who has enjoyed great success with reggae fans around the world. With "Yellow Belly Vaquero" the artist, known for combining smooth vocals with pulsating riddims, delivers a standout cut.

Wilfred Chambers aka Ricky Chaplin, younger brother of the famous Charlie Chaplin, started out in the mid-1980s deejaying on sets like People's Choice. He has continued recording consistently, with occasional success, for a host of labels, including Exterminator / Vena, Dennis Star and Vineyard. He also made an appearance on Sky High's well-received tribute album to Marcus Garvey in 1989. In 2000 he recorded an album called "Freedom" and enjoyed a local Caribbean success in 2004 with the gospel-styled "Guiding Rock" alongside ska veteran Lascelles Perkins' son Bardon. Ricky Chaplin turns the title track into a 'dance instruction' tune, which is nice but that's about it

Featured here are also two tunes by a very talented younger deejay in the Demus tradition, Little Demus, one of them featuring upcoming singer Vixen Diva. A second series of tunes on the "Rock And Stop" riddim to be released later this year will feature mostly Belgian artists. But for now it's time to spin this worthwhile collection once again from the top to the very last drop!