Rocking Time Riddim
June 30, 2007

Turbulence & Spectacular - Rocking Time Riddim Track list
  1. Turbulence & Spectacular - High Grade
  2. Lutan Fyah - A Lie
  3. Perfect - One Life
  4. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - Righteous Train
  5. Fantan Mojah - So Many Problems
  6. Chezidek - Who I Am
  7. Sizzla - Show More Love
  8. Lorenzo - Gun Play
  9. Louie Culture & Malijah - Hills Farmer
  10. Ras Mc Bean - The Price Of Jah Love
  11. Spectacular - Chant
  12. Rocking Time (Instrumental Original Horns)
  13. Rocking Time (Instrumental Special Horns)
  14. Rocking Time (Dubwise)
  15. Rocking Time Riddim
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In 1972 the late Augustus Pablo began self-production with updated versions of old Jackie Mittoo hits from Studio One. He was followed by producer Bunny "Striker" Lee, whose own very successful 'flying cymbals' sound als included updatings of vintage Studio One material. In the late 1970s the Channel One and Joe Gibbs dominated with refurnished versions of classic rocksteady riddims from the foundation studios, Studio One and Treasure Isle.

The story of Dancehall -- a style in Jamaican popular music that came to rise between 1979 and 1985 -- was largely about a succession of (mostly revived) basslines. Studio One instrumentals like Roland Alphonso's "Jah Shakey", Vin Gordon's "Heavenless", Jackie Mittoo's "Drum Song", Soul Vendors' "Full Up" and Baba Brooks/Bobby Ellis' "Shank I Shek" were particularly popular as source. But also classic vocal pieces were plundered for their riddims with Alton Ellis' "Mad Mad", The Heptones' "Party Time" and Slim Smith's "Never Let Go", to name a few, given new treatments. Till now classic Studio One riddims have been re-licked many, many times, and without doubt they will be versioned over and over again in the future.

One of the most recent updated versions of a riddim originated in the house of Studio One is Burning Spear's original "Rocking Time", played by Mafia & Fluxy and mixed by Gussie P for France based Irie Ites Records. The pre-release single (and album opener) "High Grade" by the deejay combination Turbulence & Spectacular (released in May 2006) reached the top positions in reggae charts in England, Germany and France, which made the Irie Ites production crew decide to record more artists on the riddim. After the release of another six pre-release singles in March 2007, Heartbeat Europe licensed these and a few new tracks to follow up their earlier released one riddim sets "Borderline Riddim" and "Zion Riddim", both also produced by Irie Ites Records.

Besides the aforementioned hit single "High Grade", a wicked herb tune which will surely please many reggae fans and herb smokers alike, this set has more strong efforts to offer. Amongst them you'll find Lutan Fyah's "One Life", Fantan Mojah's "So Many Problems" and Sizzla's "Show Some Love". Lorenzo and Ras Mc Bean, the micmen for Irie Ites Soundsystem and thus also featured on the previous two riddim sets, show very good potential -- as usual as we would say. With "Gun Play" and "The Price Of Jah Love" they deliver great tunes, both worth of hearing. Also Louie Culture & Malijah's "Hills Farmer", another song featured here that deals with the good herb, is worthwhile checking out.

This throughout enjoyable 'one riddim' set rounds off with no less than four different instrumental versions of the riddim, with Henry "Buttons" Tenue and Dean Fraser providing great horns lines for the "Special Horns" version.