Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo Europe
Germaican Records-Groove Attack
CD / 2LP
December 16, 2005 (Germany) / January 20, 2006 (International)

Track list
  1. Ganja - Daddy Mory (France)
  2. Time 2 Fly - Natasja (Denmark)
  3. Twoje Rence - Mista Pita (Poland)
  4. Rütmimaffia Meka - Cool D & Stupid F (Estonia)
  5. Muevense Ya!! - Daddy Maza (Spain)
  6. Proti Horam - Su-Sha (Czech Republic)
  7. Unser Weg - D-Flame (Germany)
  8. Chadi Song - Zuli (Italy)
  9. Kom Op Dan - Dredda Youthz (The Netherlands)
  10. Herra DJ - Paarma (Finland)
  11. Prohibicija 2005 - Chef Sale (Serbia & Montenegro)
  12. Judaskys - Jogi (Sweden)
  13. Herbalista - Prince Wadada (Portugal)
  14. Feejstn - Raggamuffin Whiteman (Belgium)
  15. Angyal Vadász - Irie Maffia (Hungary)
  16. Füür - Phenomden & Silokko (Switzerland)
  17. Dancehall Svaki Dan - Popay (Croatia)
  18. Neppe Det - Jřrg-1 (of Tungtvann) (Norway)
  19. Ride Ride Ride - 2Bad (United Kingdom)
  20. Come Se Visten - El Condorsíto (Austria)
  21. Rodeo (Version) - Seeed (Germaica)
    Bonus tracks downloadable at Germaican Records
  22. Rodeo (Revisited) - Lukie D & Ill Inspecta (Germaica)
  23. Playstation - Mad Killah (France)
  24. Mir - Admirál Kolíbal ft. Yellow Sisters (Czech Republic)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Germaican Records' Pionear and Germany's dancehall caballeros Seeed teamed up again, after their collaboration on the immensely popular and successful 'Doctor's Darling'-riddim, the highly entertaining 'Music Monks'-riddim and the 'Electric Boogie', for 'Rodeo', another pumping dancehall riddim, that has originally been voiced by German and Jamaican dancehall stalwarts in Berlin and Kingston to mash up dances. After the successful series of "Shining Stars", "Shining Stars Vol. 2" and "Shining Stars Vol. 3" and the 5th anniversary of Germaican Records albums "Premium Stars" and "German Stars" Germaican Records dropped their first own one riddim album (the worldwide smash mentioned above 'Doctor's Darling' appeared in VP Records' Riddim Driven series) "Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo" in their new Riddims Stars series, and now its successor is even more unique, it's the first pan-European riddim album. In only three months time this "Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo Europe" album was realized, with 20 artists from 20 countries in 18 different languages riding Seeed's 'Rodeo'-riddim. France's Daddy Mory, born to a father from Mali and mother from Martinique, former member of the in the late 90s two strong albums releasing duo Raggasonic, delivers a very fine "Ganja" tune, followed by Denmark's Natasja Saad a.k.a. Little T(asja) - who recently released her full length debut album "Release" - telling her 'true born player' DJ-ing with a very nice flow and singing sweet that she has to leave him as it's "Time 2 Fly". Poland's Mista Pita tell(s) us that all that you make, that comes through your hands "Twoje Rence" should always be good. Estonia's Cool D & Stupid F speed up the delivery in their tribute to the 'Rodeo'-riddim "Rütmimaffia Meka" Riddim Mafia's Mecca followed Spain's Daddy Maza (who also voiced Kingstone's 'Seńorita'-riddim telling the massive unno move now! "Muevense Ya!! and Su-Sha (together with Mutskillah) from the Czech Republic with their lyrically gloomy straight against the mountains "Proti Horam". Germany's deepest voice, D-Flame is delivering a great tune citing one of the themes he is known for (me against the world) ganz egal was sie probieren / wir bleiben auf "Unserm Weg". From Italy comes Marco Zuliani a.k.a. Zuli in combination with 2T with the "Chadi Song", dissing all who are fake, before the Netherlands own (well actually their roots are in Surinam) Dredda Youthz deliver the wicked slack tune "Kom Op Dan!" come on now, show your guts, show me you can do it in reality. Paarma from Finland delivers the fine dance tune "Herra DJ" asking Mr. DJ for 'more fire', before Chef Sale of the Belgrade Syndicate from Serbia & Montenegro boasts about that syndicate in "Prohibicija 2005". Sweden's Jogi delivers the excellent "Judaskys" about the only thing he really fears, the backstabber's Judas kiss, followed by Portugal's Prince Wadada who just released the album "Entendimento" delivering "Herbalista" no one can stop ya, and Belgium's Raggamuffin Whiteman" (Miguel Depla) delivering the great braggin party tune "Feejstn" Party. Hungary's Irie Maffia deliver excellent slackness in their "Angyal Vadász" bragging let me represent myself I'm an angel hunter / lookin for di angelwith the biggest bumper / 'afi search di place even di darkest corner / 'afi get this angel fi come ride this lumber. By now Swiss singjay Phenomden has made his mark on the European reggae/dancehall scene, and his old-time friend Silokko joins him for the excellent there's nothing hot like fire "Füür" in his - less comprehensible than Jamaican Patois - native Schwytzerdütsch. Popay from Croatia advertises "Dancehall Svaki Dan" because dancehall every day is enough to break babylon, and Jřrg 1 (of Norway's Tungtvann-crew) delivers the great boasting "Neppe Det" hardly that before 2Bad from the UK contribute the very catchy slackness of their gyal "Ride Ride Ride" ... / like a rodeo when i stick this thing inside. El Condorsíto, latest member of the Germaican Scout-project and MC of Austria's Bassrunner Soundtribe delivers his very fine take "Como Se Visten" on the riddim as the last vocal tune on this disc, before Seeed's clean "Rodeo (Version)" shows how strong this riddim is, to close an album that must have been a tour de force, but judging by the outcome certainly worth the effort. At the Rodeo Europe section of the germaica.net 3 more tunes on the riddim can be downloaded, the entertaining Ill Inspecta DJ-take on Lukie D's "Rodeo" "Rodeo (Revisited)", Mad Killah from France with his fine "Playstation" and a second Czech tune "Mir" by Admirál Kolíbal featuring the Yellow Sisters. This album is an excellent showcase of reggae and dancehall talent in Europe, and should be right next in your collection to "Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo" that should already be in it ...