Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo
Germaican Records-Groove Attack
October 14, 2005

Track list
  1. Rodeo - Lukie-D
  2. Eediat Badman - Elephant Man
  3. Shake Wha' U Have - T.O.K.
  4. A Di Bes' A Dem - Harry Toddler
  5. Push Up U Dignity - Degree
  6. Ding - Seeed
  7. The Cure (RFX) - Cobra
  8. Lala - Dr. Ring-Ding
  9. 2 The Top - Wayne Marshall
  10. Madd Paper - Ill Inspecta
  11. Rodeo (Version) - Seeed
  12. Rodeo (Refix) - Lukie-D
  13. Eediat Badman (Refix) - Elephant Man
  14. Shake Wha' U Have (Refix) - T.O.K.
  15. A Di Bes' A Dem (Refix) - Harry Toddler
  16. Push Up U Dignity (Refix) - Degree
  17. Ding (Refix) - Seeed
  18. The Cure (Re-Refix) - Cobra
  19. Lala (Refix) - Dr. Ring-Ding
  20. 2 The Top (Refix) - Wayne Marshall
  21. Madd Paper (Refix) - Ill Inspecta
  22. Rodeo Refix (Version) - Seeed
    Bonus tracks downloadable at Germaican Records
  23. Rodeo Megamix - V.A.
  24. Madd Gun - Ill Inspecta
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Germaican Records' Pionear and Germany's dancehall caballeros Seeed have teamed up again, after their collaboration on the immensely popular and successful 'Doctor's Darling'-riddim, the highly entertaining 'Music Monks'-riddim and the 'Electric Boogie', for 'Rodeo', another pumping dancehall riddim, that has been voiced by German and Jamaican dancehall stalwarts in Berlin and Kingston and possesses all potential to become another great hit in the dances. Originally planned as seven 45s, the initial response has been so overwhelming that the double A-sided tunes have been split into separate 45s, and in the end the 10 tunes have all gotten their own release with refix over the 'Rodeo (Refix)'-riddim on the flipside. And now all those who don't own a soundsystem or for other reasons don't (have to) buy 7"s can enjoy all tunes and the versions as well. After the successful series of "Shining Stars", "Shining Stars Vol. 2" and "Shining Stars Vol. 3" and the 5th anniversary of Germaican Records albums "Premium Stars" and "German Stars" it's now time for Germaican Records first own one riddim album (the worldwide smash mentioned above 'Doctor's Darling' appeared in VP Records' Riddim Driven series) in their new Riddims Stars series. The great singer Lukie D, who released two strong full length albums this year already, is responsible for the excellent title tune "Rodeo" on which he seems to use the melody of Prince's "1999"(!), while Elephant Man contributes one of his finest tunes of late "Eediat Badman" and T.O.K. beg the ladies in the dancehall on their third recording for Germaican Records (after the superb "Shining Star" over the 'Cure'-riddim and their badman-tune "Real Gangsta") to "Shake Wha' Yu Have". Elephant Man's former fellow Scare Dem Crew buddy Harry Toddler follows his string of over the last year recorded convincing tunes with the fine "A Di Bes' A Dem, before one of my favourite DJs is up next, Jamaica's inimitable Degree bigging up the ladies who big themselves up on "Push Up U Dignity". Seeed contribute "Ding", not just their return to the scene, recorded for their this week to be released album "Next", but it is a very humorous tune with its Ohoho mein hübsches Ding / ich versteck mein Ehering. Cobra's "The Cure (RFX)", is the tune that was originally recorded (but never released) as the title-tune for 2002's aforementioned 'Cure'-riddim, with on spot fast-paced deejaying, followed by another favourite DJ of mine Germany's Dr. Ring-Ding who incorporates snatches from his own Senior Allstars history on the great party tune "Lala", leaving us wondering when he will finally release his long awaited solo-album. In his inimitable singjay-style Wayne Marshall's "2 The Top" settles the score with some haters, alternating with him DJing as well, before the last vocal on the 'straight' version of 'Rodeo', the very fine "Madd Paper" (which can be downloaded free for a limited time here by Germaican Scout Ill Inspecta, whom we interviewed here closes a selection of 10 excellent tunes on an excellent, bouncing riddim that should become a big hit for Germaican Records (and if so, there are more JA tunes on this riddim in the can, by a.o. Tanya Stephens and Cé'Cile, as well as Seeed's English version "Pretty Thing", so let's hope for it), and if this review can't convince you of how outstanding this riddim and the tunes on it are, probably listening to this Rodeo Megamix can. And luckily even the great instrumental, the Rodeo (Version) is included, before it's time for all the tunes over the 'Rodeo (Refix)', the more syncopated percussive version of the riddim, which gives just as much fun. More tunes will anyway be released on the 'Rodeo', as an album with all European tunes, from different European countries as much as possible in native languages of those countries is coming up next. And that still isn't all, as tracks 23, the "Rodeo Megamix" and 24, Ill Inspecta's "Madd Gun" will be downloadable, for those having bought this CD, at Germaican Records.