Sly & Robbie Present Romantic Reggae For The Ladies
April 29, 2007

Andy Haughton - Sly & Robbie Present: Romantic Reggae for the Ladies Track list
  1. Baby Baby - Anthony Haughton
  2. Do Good - Patriot
  3. One Away Woman - Lupa & Guidance
  4. Gonna Take A Miracle - George Nooks
  5. I Need Your Love - Nardo Ranks
  6. True Love - Clarence Sparks
  7. Way I Feel - Massapan
  8. Nuh Nutten - Muziah
  9. Need You Woman - Trivia
  10. Cotton Candy - Pinchers
  11. No Time To Lose - Al Campbell
  12. Woman Of Divine - Skinny
  13. Reggae Explosion - Lotto
  14. Commitment - Lupa
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2
Although they've never been away from the music scene, two of the most famous musicians and producers from Jamaica, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare, recently returned to the forefront of reggae music due to the success of Buju Banton's "Driver A", which comes across a refurnished version of the duo's "Unmetered Taxi" riddim, then followed by their well received update of the "Darker Shade Of Black" riddim.

Now here's a brand new 'one riddim' set entitled "Sly & Robbie Present Romantic Reggae For The Ladies", which features a few well known Jamaican artists -- Nardo Ranks, Pinchers, George Nooks, and Al Campbell -- with whom Sly and Robbie have worked in the past, as well as a notable amount of relatively unknown singers and singjays. The involvement of the Dynamic Duo aka the Riddim Twins is restricted to the creation of the riddim track, while overall production of this album is done by P. Francis.

This smooth 'n' smoochy selection features alot of nice tender offerings with best efforts being Anthony Haughton's "Baby Baby", George Nooks' cover of the Royalettes' mid-60s hit "Gonna Take A Miracle", Trivia's "Need You Woman", Skinny's "Woman Of Divine", and Al Campbell's "No Time To Lose", a remake of his own classic song from 1984. Even tough this collection of tunes is tagged 'romantic reggae', Patriot delivers a worthy uplifting message tune across the riddim.

This is a real fine album to listen to when you and your lover are in a romantic mood.