Various artists album review
Mafia & Fluxy Presents... Roots And Culture Volume 4
Mafia & Fluxy Music

Tracking list

  1. Luciano - Mankind Cease
  2. Mikey General - Cut & Clear
  3. Richie Davis - Grab A Hold On Jah
  4. Tony Rebel - Hold Faith
  5. Mykal Rose - Dreadlocks
  6. Max Romeo - The Reverend
  7. Levi Roots - Red Hot
  8. Nerious Joseph - King Of Kings
  9. Leroy Mafia - Red, Green & Gold
  10. Johnny Clarke - Fire & Brimstone
  11. Sylvia Tella - There Is No Love
  12. Robbie Valentine - Last Days
  13. Barry Brown - Can't Live Like This
  14. Mafia & Fluxy - Grab A Dub
  15. Mafia & Fluxy - Cut & Dub
  16. Mafia & Fluxy - Forever Loving Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

The Heywood brothers aka Mafia & Fluxy from Tottenham, London, have unleashed the fourth instalment in their "Mafia & Fluxy presents... Roots & Culture" series. This brand new set, arguably the best yet, mainly collects the tracks that sold very well in the year 2002. As these riddim twins have established themselves as an in demand drum & bass section, not only in the UK but also in Jamaican recording studios, it's obvious that they are able to work with some of the best reggae artists out of both countries. "Mafia & Fluxy Presents... Roots & Culture Volume 4" contains a great rootical selection from U.K. reggae artists across some wicked riddim tracks including the fresh original "Slate" (not the version of the Jamaican pre-releases!!) and the resuscitated "Forever Loving Jah" and "Get On Board" aka "Black Wadada", originally from Burning Spear. The album kicks off with two wicked cuts on the "Slate". First we are treated to Luciano's excellent tune Mankind Cease", with the Messenjah in fine form. With "Cut & Clear" Mikey General delivers a notable tune, while one of the U.K.'s finest roots singers, Levi Roots, brings the next version for the riddim. His "Red Hot" is a great track and belongs to one of Levi's best pieces to date. Also don't overlook Nerious Joseph's "King Of Kings", a vital matching cut for the riddim, definitely belonging to the highlights of this set. Another fine voice in the U.K. is the underrated and also underrecorded Richie Davis, a singer who has proven that he's equally at home with lovers rock and roots music. "Grab A Hold On Jah" is a real killer. Lyrically and vocally Richie Davis excels in this tough roots stepper which fairly leaps off the speakers and hits you right in the face. A tune coming complete with truly wicked live horns. Also worth of hearing are Tony Rebel's "Hold Faith" across the revitalised "Black Wadada" riddim and Leroy Mafia's solid roots piece "Red, Green & Gold". The same goes for "Dreadlocks" by Mykal Rose, an enjoyable tune delivered in the singer's typical Waterhouse style. Max Romeo is one of the three real reggae veterans (the others being Johnny Clarke and Barry Brown) featured on this compilation album. The veteran singer's "The Reverend" is an appealing deep roots tune underpinned by an awesome riddim track. One of the standouts tracks included here. Mafia & Fluxy have taken the original vocals of Johnny Clarke's "Fire & Brimstone" and Barry Brown's "Can't Live Like This" (courtesy of Bunny "Striker" Lee) and have refitted them with new takes on the riddims underneath. In between drop two great cuts on the "Forever Loving Jah" riddim with Sylvia Tella delivering our personal favorite track.
Three dub versions round off an entertaining compilation set from the Mafia & Fluxy production house!!

Teacher & Mr. T.