Roots Of Dub Funk 6 - Variations On A Dub Theme
Tanty Records
July 20, 2007

Track list
  1. One Fe De Soundman - Nucleus Roots
  2. Promise Land Dub - Unitone
  3. Flying Elephants - Dr Echo
  4. Island Rebel - Richie Phoe
  5. Jah Is Great Mix 2 - Sir Larsie I -Dub Creator Mix
  6. King Shadock Dub - Jahno
  7. Zion Gates - King Django
  8. Found Arte - Dr Echo
  9. Dub From Creation - McPullish
  10. Follow Jah Ways - Muflon Dub Sound System
  11. Rotten Roots - Jahno
  12. Jah Praise Dub - Bamjimba V/S Joe Ariwa
  13. Show Dub Love - Piano B
  14. MGD - The Viking
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
"On volume 6 of our dub series we find ourselves much more in the land of musical pieces than just tricky sonic soundscapes. Are they dubby? Of course they are! The only guiding hand that does apply is that they are forward looking 'deconstructions' of reggae influenced tracks in no small way inspired by the sound system 'big speaker box' culture and experiences of yesterday and today." (Kelvin Richard, Dub Funk Association)

Once more Tanty Records presents another installment of "Roots Of Dub Funk", the series of dub pieces collected from all over the world, incorporating several (unique and not so unique!) styles by unknown and better know dub fanatics. As usual the album is compiled by the infamous Kelvin Richard of the renown Dub Funk Association Band.

This new collection contains some excellent pieces of music. Sir Larsie I with his steppers tune Jah Is Great Mix 2 comes in real tough. He's a German dub producer, based in Cologne and strictly deals with roots music. In 2006 he founded his Phoenix Upliftment Records label.

Two tracks from an artist by the name of Jahno. He lives in France and we must say that he makes quite a solid impression with his traditional dub outings.

Richie Phoe first explored the art of sampling using software on his Amiga 500 home computer in 1993. In 1999 he purchased an MPC2000 and began making hip-hop beats inspired by De-La-Soul and DITC. As his style progressed he started collecting reggae vinyl and began DJing at reggae and hip-hop nights weekly in clubs and bars in Portsmouth. Island Rebel goes back to the days of Augustus Pablo inna medium tempo jungle beat. Good work!
Then there's the Muflon Dub Sound System with their tune Follow Jah Ways, a deeply roots influenced track with mesmerizing female vocal snippets. The band is a reggae and dub project from Bialystok, Poland. They are inspired by the "message of righteousness given by JAH Word..." and "are trying to set the fire to warm up the frozen world".

One of the better known artists here is Dr. Echo. He comes from Sacramento, California, where he is also know as Justin DeHart. He has been involved in mixing various acoustic sounds with electronic effects since the early nineties and has put out several interesting dub albums.

Seattle based newcomer McPullish (aka Carson Hoovestol) begun in 2002 almost accidentally and at random and his style has evolved to incorporate many elements of dub, reggae, electronic, rock, noise,etc. He's one of the most adventurous artists on this compilation with his tune Dub From Creation.
Out of Italy comes Piano B (Italian for "Plan B"). The band consists of members from various musical backgrounds and native countries, "working together to bring original music with a strong positive vibe and message". Their tune Show Dub Love is a vocal track with interesting dub parts and we would recommend you to have a listen!

Nucleus Roots was established in 1996 from the ashes of Manchester's highly acclaimed punky reggae band, Community Charge. They have released several fine pieces of music and One Fe De Soundman is a great contribution to this compilation.

Well... nuff said. Enjoy!

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