Trojan Roots Reggae Box Set
Trojan Records
3 CD Box Set
October 16, 2005

Track list
Disc 1: Forward Jah Jah Children

  1. Wolf And Leopards (Extended Mix) - Dennis Brown
  2. Blood Dunza (Extended Mix) - Johnny Clarke
  3. Sons Of Slaves - Junior Delgado
  4. Proud To Be Black (Extended Mix) - Frankie Jones & Tapper Zukie
  5. Slave Call - The Ethiopians
  6. Zion Gate (Extended Mix) - Horace Andy & The Sticks
  7. Born In Ethiopia - The In Crowd
  8. Forward Jah Jah Children (Extended Mix) - The Inner Circle & Augustus Pablo
  9. Jah Can Count On I - Freddie Mcgregor
  10. Jah Jah A Go Beat Them (The Wicked) - Cornell Campbell
  11. Philistines On The Land (Extended Mix) - Junior Murvin
  12. Zion (Extended Mix) - Knowledge
  13. Can You Feel It (Sufferation Everyday)(Extended Mix) - Junior Byles
  14. Jah Jah Jehoviah (Extended Mix) - Ronnie Davis
  15. Mr Cop (Extended Mix) - Gregory Isaacs
  16. Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread (Extended Mix) - Linval Thompson
  17. Prophecy Call (Extended Mix) - Glasford Manning
Disc 2: Rasta Business

  1. Declaration Of Rights (Extended Version) - Johnny Clarke
  2. Temptation, Botheration And Tribulation - The Heptones
  3. Standing Firm - Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle
  4. Ethiopia Land (Extended Mix) - Peter & Paul Lewis
  5. Invasion (Wa Da Da) (Extended Mix) - Jackie Edwards & The Aggrovators
  6. I Heart Is Clean (Extended Mix) - Cornell Campbell
  7. Rasta Business (Extended Mix) - Gregory Isaacs
  8. Population - Knowledge
  9. Jah Jah Is The Conqueror (Extended Mix) - Linval Thompson
  10. Africa (Extended Mix) - Dennis Brown
  11. When Jah Come (Extended Mix) - Devon Irons
  12. Jah Jah Say - Junior Delgado
  13. Rastaman Camp - Freddie McGregor
  14. No Wicked Shall Enter The Kingdom Of Zion - Barry Brown
  15. Liberation Struggle (Extended Version) - Tapper Zukie
  16. Dedicated To Jah - The In Crowd
Disc 3: Chant Down Babylon

  1. Think So (AKA Much Smarter)(Extended Version) - The Meditations
  2. Chant Down Babylon - Freddie McGregor
  3. Every Knee Shall Bow (Extended Mix) - Johnny Clarke & U Roy
  4. The Truth Has Come Again - Jacob Miller
  5. Four And Twenty Dreadlocks (Extended Mix) - Evan Jones
  6. So Long (Rastafari Calling)(Extended Mix) - Dennis Brown
  7. The Raiders (Extended Mix) - Junior Delgado
  8. Hail Dread - Knowledge
  9. Come Along (Extended Mix) - The Bluebells
  10. Paymaster - Gregory Isaacs
  11. Give Me Strength O Jah - Cornell Campbell
  12. Humanity - Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses
  13. Green Bay Incident (Extended Mix) - Lord Sassafras
  14. Jah Is My Light/Wicked Eat Dirt - Leroy Smart & I Roy
  15. This Must Be Hell (Extended Mix) - Horace Andy & Headley Bennett
  16. Rasta Man No Evil - The In Crowd
  17. Touch Not My Locks - Little Roy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2
Trojan continue with their apparently relentless mission to release their entire back catalogue, in different combinations, on different compilations (!) -- which of course, means there is significant cross over of tunes on each release.

But besides that point, this is a very satisfying compilation, with a range of diversity -- and not restricted to dour and repetitive minor chord steppers, a form we have all surely heard far, far too much of over the last five years.

What this album is -- is essentially a compilation of earlier Trojan compilations, with some borrowing from the Pressure Sounds, EFA and Heartbeat back catalogue. There are also some relative minor rarities included here, such as Cornell Campbell's Daddy Kool 45, "I Heart Is Clean" and Linval Thompson's Grounation 45 "Jah Jah The Conqueror" complete with its psychotropic dub.

Also notable is the spirituality of the In Crowd's insightful "Dedicated To Jah" which is extraordinary -- heavy on the drum and bass but with a compelling wisdom/Gnostic lyric. Also don't miss the timbale driven soul of Horace Andy and Headley Bennett's "This Must Be Hell". Tito Puente and Fania All Stars fans watch out for this one.

All in all then -- this is an excellent album. Those who faithfully buy all the Trojan releases probably won't rush to buy it as there is far too much overlap with earlier Trojan albums -- but for the rest of us, this is an ideal purchase.

There is barely a bad track on it -- but a possible objection could be the repeated inclusion of certain standard tracks -- do we REALLY need yet another tiresome re-release of "Declaration Of Rights", "Blood Dunza", "Sons Of Slaves", and "Wolves And Leopards?" What's the point?

Besides that? Great record, great selection. Disc One is déjà vu time, and many buyers will probably skip over it -- but Disc Two and Three have some excellent moments, and the extended versions are great to have. And at their very fair CD selling prices, Trojan look set to dominate the reggae market for the forseeable future.