Rough Cuts 2011
I-Sight Records
October 6, 2011

Rough Cuts 2011 - Various Artists Track list
  1. Norris Man - Babylon
  2. Luv Fyah - Fyah Burn
  3. Messenjah Selah - Sacred Fire
  4. Norris Man - Love Dem
  5. Luv Fyah - Pick Up The Pace
  6. Norris Man - Believe It
  7. Luv Fyah - Weapons Of Destruction
  8. Mi Gaan - Gratitude Riddim (Instrumental)
  9. Mi Gaan - There's A Way Riddim (Instrumental)
  10. Mi Gaan - Start A New Riddim (Instrumental)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Mi Gaan is a band out of California. Mi Gaan's founders are Jeremy Gray and Justin Macri (both born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area), a riddim section in the tradition of the famous riddim twins Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. Mi Gaan became a more complete music machine with the addition of longtime friend and versatile guitarist Kevin O'Brien, who brought a diverse range of musical styles and knowledge to the group. Another turning point of Mi Gaan's dynamic came with the addition of the talented and experienced Mark "Maka" Zinke on keyboards and vocals.

The band's goal is to produce a sound that is fresh and contemporary, while still maintaining the soul and roots of old-school reggae. They have collaborated with reggae artists such as Clinton Fearon, Norris Man, Messenjah Selah, Joshua, and Luv Fyah. They also flow with R&B, Hip-Hop, African, Blues and other musical genres of the Beat Diaspora even appearing with artists such as M.C. Yogi, Karamo Susso Jeremy Knudsen, Avasa Campbell and Matty Love.

They have been creating a lot of attention throughout the West Coast with well received performances. Performing at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco was a big step for Mi Gaan, and the crowds reaction was with much support. In the summer of this year they released their first compilation album entitled "Rough Cuts 2011", which they have been selling out of copies at shows, and starting to make a buzz in Europe with their online sales. The album offers three fine reggae riddims. First there's the slow-paced, semi acoustical riddim called "There's A Way". It's an awesome riddim, complete with a mesmerizing melodica riff and Norris Man voices it in a deep roots way with his tune Babylon. Great opening tune! The second cut on the riddim comes from Luv Fyah, whose Pick Up The Pace makes a truly solid impression.

"Gratitude" is an organ led riddim, gracefully voiced by Messenjah Selah. His tune Sacred Fire is a burning roots tune, while Luv Fyah delivers a strong tune called Weapons Of Destruction with lyrics that will appeal to everyone. Although it's impossible to point out weak tunes here, Norris Man comes up with strongest cut on the riddim. Love Dem is a fierce tune by this underrated roots singer. The third riddim is called "Start A New". It shows some resemblance with the 'Gratitude' riddim, but it's a more powerful and faster one drop riddim. Two equally strong tunes on this riddim. First we meet Luv Fyah who gives us more roots niceness with Fyah Burn. On Believe It Norris Man tells us "...Haile Selassie is alive...".

What a surprise! Usually we get a little 'suspicious' when US reggae arrives on our desks, but this one is a rightful, authentic collection of roots tunes that no reggae fan should ignore.