Riddim Ruller ~ Drop It
Tad's Records
August 27, 2008

Track list
  1. I Surrender - Beres Hammond
  2. This One Is For You Mama - Jah Cure
  3. Story - Marcia Griffiths
  4. People Hungry - Morgan Heritage
  5. Baby Mother - Nesbeth
  6. Herbalist Farmer - Chuck Fender
  7. Better World - Freake and Villa Dutch
  8. Keep Your Calm - Gyptian
  9. Eden - Lutan Fyah
  10. Marijuana - Duane Stephenson
  11. Weak In The Knees - Gyptian feat. Tina
  12. Teach Them How To Pray - Konshens
  13. Health And Strength - Pressure
  14. Girl - Doniki
  15. Welcome To The World - Ginjah
  16. Crisis - Prophecy
  17. Feeling Right - Anjele
  18. Drop It Version - Kemar 'Flava' McGregor, Axe-Man, Wrong Move and Mony
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Total votes : 10
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Cou$ins Records producer Donville Davis - who had already proven he's capable of relicking classic riddims in fine style - also showed a nose for picking the right riddims to license on the three various artists compilations, as "Strictly One Drop Vol. 1"'s inclusion of CJ James 'Without Love'-riddim and of course Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's 'Heavenly' and then on 'Mo-Bay' & 'Desperate Lover' two riddims from Byron Murray's In The Streetz label were featured, strange as it may seem with In The Streetz not only being an outlet for Byron Murray's own productions, but through their Rhythm Streetz Series Byron Murray (and Mr. Vegas) also released on CD and LP some extremely successful riddims by other extremely hot producers.

Cou$ins Records kicked off a new series of one riddim instead of two riddim albums called Ride The Rhythm with "Hail The I" featuring the first riddim on the Riddim Kings label produced by Stefan & Sean Shelton a.k.a the Riddim Kings and then one month later they returned with a string of one drop releases licensed from Kemar 'DJ Flava' McGregor's Flava Music and No Doubt Records. Kemar McGregor, who of course cemented his name as one riddim producer with the 'Triumphant'-riddim backing Gyptian's "Mama" and then chipped in with the nice 'Road Block'-riddim and the very nice various combination album aptly titled "Combination" provided Cou$ins with the three excellent one-riddim albums "Trumpet", "Flute" and "Key Riddim" with three volumes in the Ride The Rhythm series in just 8 days.

And Greensleeves, who seemed to have stalled their one drop one riddim releases just like the (dancehall) Greensleeves Rhythm Album series, must have felt they missed out on one too many album there, thus suddenly breaking the Cou$ins connection and releasing the very successful '83 Rhythm' having their link taken over already after one album for the release of Kemar McGregor's penultimate 'Rub-A-Dub'-riddim by VP Records in their still running Riddim Driven series, but only as a one-off deal to find Kemar McGregor licensing his very strong latest riddim 'Drop It' to TAD's.

The 'Drop It'-riddim is an as strong and as big riddim from No Doubt Records as the aforementioned 'Triumphant', 'Trumpet', 'Flute', 'Key', '83 Rhythm' and 'Rub-A-Dub' are and this riddim with its weeping guitar and intriguing vocal 'Drop It' sample is again truly brilliant, opening this album is Beres Hammond's absolutely phenomenal "I Surrender" followed by Jah Cure with his great tribute to all mothers of the world "This One Is For You Mama" and Studio One and I-Threes legend (and the grand old lady of reggae) Marcia Griffiths with the impressive "Story". Next up are Morgan Heritage who seem to excel on Kemar McGregor's riddims and their smashing "People Hungry" is no exception and then Nesbeth gets heavily auto-tuned once again for his strong "Baby Mother", before Chuck Fender delivers the excellent ganja-tune "Herbalist" and newcomers Freake a.k.a. Feekez & Villa Dutch make a very strong debut with their "Better World".

Gyptian sings the excellent plea to the ghetto youths "Keep Your Calm" followed by Lutan Fyah's extremely convincing "Eden" and Duane Stephenson's outstanding ganja tune "Marijuana" (and yes, incorporating a the surgeon general warns-intro does add to the impact of this tune). Gyptian is for his second scorcher across the riddim joined by wicked newcoming female singer/songwriter Tina and together they deliver the smashing lovers tune "Weak In The Knees". Newcomer Konshens also impresses heavily lyrically with "Teach Them How To Pray" and once more it should be pointed out that Kemar McGregor is not only a producer bringing out the best from the artists he voices over his riddims, but also of the female backing vocalists being an integral part of the songs with their angelic sound.

"Health And Strength" by Pressure Buss Pipe shows why is one of the highest rated to emerge on the roots scene in the last couple of years and Doniki with "Girl" makes you wonder why he isn't voiced more often. Ginjah's delivery makes his "Welcome To My World" really heartfelt, before relative newcomer (though he won the first Red Stripe Big Break Competition) Prophecy proves with "Crisis" that he truly deserves to get his real big break and then the last vocal on this album comes courtesy of Anjele, yet another female singing sensation from Jamaica, whose "Feeling Right" a.k.a. "(My) Boo" is a great debut before this album is closed by the wonderful clean "Drop It Version" of Kemar 'DJ Flava' McGregor's next top notch riddim, resulting in a selection that deserves to be in your record collection right next to the other scorchers he's produced like the 'Triumphant', 'Trumpet', 'Flute', 'Key', '83 Rhythm' and 'Rub-A-Dub'-riddim.