Riddim Ruler ~ National Pride
Tad's Records
April 21, 2009

Track list
    'National Pride'-riddim
  1. Ugly So - Kiprich
  2. No Man Room - Ding Dong
  3. Turn & Twist - Charly Black
  4. Have A Good Time - Beenie Man
  5. Run Dem Away - Elephant Man
  6. You Fi Move - Chi-Ching feat. Sambonie
  7. The Garden - Degree feat. Lukie D
  8. Evil You Deh Pon U Own - Mr. G feat. John Mouse
  9. National Pride - Sanjay
  10. Love A Come Down - Ninja Kid
  11. Khumina Mi Baby - Karl Morrison
  12. National Pride Instrumental - Arif 'Fresh Ear' Cooper a.k.a. 'Supacoop'
    'Perfect 10'-riddim
  13. Burning Up - CéCile
  14. In The Rain - Tony Matterhorn
  15. Go Easy - Elephant Man
  16. Perfect 10 Instrumental
    'Bill Gates Money'-riddim
  17. Bill Gates Money - Sanjay feat. Dazzla
  18. Bill Gates Money Instrumental
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Tad's Riddim Ruler Series has not been firmly established but has already given us a couple of fine riddims like the Tad A. Dawkins Sr. version of the 'Hard Drugs'-riddim and of course the brilliant 'Drop It' by Kemar 'DJ Flava' McGregor's No Doubt Records. And in 2009 Tad's Records released in the Riddim Ruler (still spelled as Ruller) series the wonderful 'National Pride' (& 'Perfect 10'). A heavily mento/kumina influenced riddim that ruled the airwaves, very catchy produced by Arif 'SupaCoop' a.k.a. 'Fresh Ear' Cooper, with a lot of extremely entertaining tunes across the riddim. Standouts of course are Kiprich with his big return to form "Ugly So", Ding Dong who even catches the vibe of old time lyrics with his "No Man Room" that would have been called risqué back in the days instead of slackness and one of the men of moment in 2009 Charly Black with "Turn & Twist".

Especially Beenie Man with "Have A Good Time", Lukie D & General Degree with the magnificent combination "The Garden, Sanjay with the masterful tune giving the riddim its name "National Pride", Ninja Kid with the gospel-tinged "Love A Come Down" and the wicked "Khumina My Baby" very well delivered by (one of the producers of Busy Signal's "One More Night") Top Notch Muzik's Carlington 'Karl' Morrison all add to the infectious vibe of this riddim that is luckily showcasing its full strength as a clean "National Pride Instrumental" as well.

And if this would have been the full album it would already have been value for money, but Arif Cooper's very poppy R&B/dance hybrid riddim 'Perfect 10' is included as well and is the perfect background for Ce'Cile with "Burning", Tony Matterhorn with the unlikely lovesong "In The Rain" and Elephant Man's fine "Go Easy" as well as also being included with its "Perfect 10 Instrumental" version. And as a bonus the lyrically strong and very well delivered "Bill Gates Money" by Sanjay alongside Dazzla and its "Bill Gates Money - Instrumental" are also featured on this set that is sure to give you not only thanks to SupaCoop's excellent production dancing pleasure, but thanks to the artists' lyrics and delivery lots of listening pleasure as well!