Rhythm Streetz Series #3 ~ No Man's An Island
Original Music / in The Streetz
August 29, 2005

Track list
  1. Another Chance To Praise Him - Jimmy Riley
  2. Light Over Dark - Turbulence
  3. Let Me Be The One - Luciano
  4. All Been Said And Done - Cornel Campbell
  5. Can't Be Like I - Norris Man
  6. No Cash No Love - Mackie Conscious
  7. Jah Time - Mikey General
  8. No Man Is An Island - Courtney Vibes
  9. My Prayer - Eazy Wayne
  10. Don't Break The Trust - Vinny Taylor
  11. Love You - Kajha
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 2/3
Byron Murray & Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz label releases in their Rhythm Streetz Series - following the most successful 2004 one drop riddim "#1 - Drop Leaf" produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, selector Fire Links' completely crazy yet infectious riddim, "#2 - Chaka Chaka", DJ Sunshine's sophomore riddim "#4 - Real Life" and Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich a.k.a. Black & White of Downsound Records "#3 - Invasion & Maroon Riddim", an inexplicably again "#3" numbered album "No Man's An Island", produced by the in the late 70s rather popular DJ now turned producer Neville 'Jah Woosh' Beckford for his Original Music label. The album suffers from a recurring Original Music / Jah Woosh problem namely a complete mix-up of the tracklist on the album cover. He used the UK's omnipresent riddim tandem Mafia & Fluxy to relick Dennis Brown 1970 Studio One scorcher 'No Man Is An Island' in fine style. Jimmy Riley kicks it off with the very fine "Another Chance To Praise Him" followed by Turbulence's excellent "Light Over Dark", a (and I hate to say it) pretty mediocre Luciano tune "Let Me Be The One" and the top tune "All Been Said And Done" by veteran Cornell Campbell. Norris Man hits out to everyone not having an original style in "Can't Be Like I" and singer Mackie Conscious who did a decent lovers tune over 'Real Life' and now tops that easily with "No Cash No Love". Mikey General shows what Luciano's tune should have sounded like with his fine "Jah Time" before Courtney Vibes has the honor to take on Dennis' original "No Man Is An Island". Eazy Wayne's "My Prayer" is a nice newcomer's effort, and Vin Taylor's heartfelt "Don't Break The Trust" is a great lovers tune, before female singer Kajha contributes the fine last tune on the riddim "Love You". It's a pity that the track information on the back is such a mess AND that no clean version of the riddim is included on this album, but it's a very nicely produced Mafia & Fluxy relick of a brilliant riddim, with some very entertaining tunes on it.