Various artists album review
Strictly Rub-A-Dub

Tracking list

  1. Yellowman & Fathead - Donkey Want Water
  2. Poppa Tullo - Ride The Rhythm
  3. Charlie Chaplin - Foreign Man Skank
  4. Trinity - Psalms
  5. Simple Simon - War All Over
  6. John Wayne - Heavy Rhythm
  7. Clint Eastwood - Fight Inflation
  8. John Wayne - Boogie Down
  9. U Brown - Me Chat You Rock
  10. Ranking Joe - Choice Of Colour
  11. Clint Eastwood - It Wasn't Rasta
  12. Simple Simon - Revolution Fighters
  13. Clint Eastwood - Dance Kork
  14. Charlie Chaplin - Don't Leave Your Baby Mother
  15. Poppa Tullo - Special Request To David Rodigan & Tony Williams
  16. Ranking Joe - Cold Blood
  17. Purpleman - Sandra Dee Buy Big House For Me
  18. General Lucky & Peter Ranking - Ram A Jam
  19. Simple Simon - Obey Your Mother & Father
  20. Jah Thomas & Sister Jackie - Cockee & Pussy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4/5

"Strictly Rub-A-Dub" - subtitled "20 Killa Dancehall Classics" - is the latest addition to Trojan's Dancehall Collection series, covering the period 1979-1985. This set highlights an essential area of the dancehall genre -that of the deejays. The deejays were a vital part of the dancehall scene and there was no shortage of good riddims ! Most producers used reworked versions of classic Studio One and Treasure Isle riddims and the artists lined up for voicing over these riddims. Deejays like Yellowman, Clint Eastwood, Dillinger, U Brown, Ranking Joe and Charlie Chaplin were amongst the most succesfull artists.
The disc kicks off with the 1983 tune Donkey Want Water from the combination Yellowman & Fathead, who recorded this tune for Junjo Lawes. Poppa Tullo's Ride The Rhythm licks the 'Majority Rule' riddim. Charlie Chaplin comes up next with one of the best tunes here, Foreign Man Skank. The Satta riddim is used for Trinity's excellent Psalms.
Ranking Joe (aka Joe Jackson) contributes two classics from his 1980 album 'Choice Of Colour', the title track and Cold Blood. Clint Eastwood calls for peace and unity on the 1979 tune It Wasn't Rasta. His other two cuts versions riddims used for Barrington Levy's sessions with Junjo Lawes. Fight Inflation draws attention to the inflation fuelled famine conditions, that were prevalent in Jamaica at the time. Dance Kork, by contrast, is a straightforward dance tune.
Being a very talented lyricist, Simple Simon sterns warning to colonial oppressors, reminding that the days of slavery are not forgotten on Revolution Fighters. Using the 'Locust' riddim he also draws attention to the senseless killings in Kingston's political divided areas, roll calling rema, Greenwich farm, Tivili, Waterhouse, Tower Hill, Dunkirk, Rockfort and Maxfield Avenue, on War All Over.
Starting with Sandra Dee Buy Big House For Me we have three cuts across the 'Real Rock' riddim. Simple Simon's Obey You Mother & Father offers some sound advice on the same riddim, whilst General Lucky & Peter Ranking's Ram A Jam is a solid deejay combination. The disc closes with Cockee & Pussy, a slack recut of Dawn Penn's 'No No No' riddim, originally voiced for producer Jah Thomas by Triston Palmer as 'For Health And Strength'.
Great album !

Teacher & Mr. T.