Ambassah Presents Rub A Dub Showcase Part II
Pirates Choice Recordings
October 31, 2011

Track list
  1. Sugar Minott - Time To Know
  2. Dub Generation - Time To Dub
  3. Kenny Knotts - Love And Glory (Extended)
  4. Ben Jammin - Money Talks
  5. Dub Generation - Dub Talks
  6. Horace Martin - Awake Jah Jah Children
  7. Dub Generation - Awake Jah Jah Dub
  8. Linval Thompson - Crying Fe Money (Previously Unreleased)
  9. Dub Generation - Dubbing Fe Money (Previously Unreleased)
  10. Alpheus - Seek Your Goals (Previously Unreleased)
  11. Dub Generation - Seek Your Dub (Previously Unreleased)
  12. Breeze & Trees - Two The Hard Way (Extended)
  13. Ben Jammin - Real (Extended)
  14. Dub Generation feat. Ranking Forrest - Brand New Scorcher Dub (Previously Unreleased)
  15. Dub Generation feat. Linval Thompson - Praise Jah Dub (Previously Unreleased)
  16. Dub Generation feat. Ben Jammin - Money Dub (Previously Unreleased)
  17. Dub Generation feat. Kenny Knotts - Dub And Glory (Previously Unreleased)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
If you have discarded your old record player or, for whatever reason, simply couldn't track down Pirates Choice's 10" vinyl releases put out between 2005 and 2011, this album will give you the opportunity to catch up on all these Ambassah produced 10" singles as well as as well as some previously unreleased tracks. And if the name Ambassah doesn't ring a bell, perhaps Roberto Sánchez will, because all the tracks were recorded and mixed at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio in Santander, Spain. Anyone familiar with releases from Roberto Sŕnchez's A-Lone Productions such as Earl Zero's "And God Said To Man", Alpheus' "From Creation", and the compilation set "Oil & Water", knows that he can expect tracks that carry great 'old-skool' sounds. In this case it's the early 80's rub-a-dub sound that leads the way.

The album opens with Sugar Minott's "Time To Know", which comes across the "Monday Sounds" riddim. This effort, actually the debut Pirates Choice 10" vinyl single, is a great tune delivered in real fine style by the sorely missed Original Godfather Of Dancehall. The vocal track is followed by a truly awesome dub version. Another veteran in the business, Horace Martin, rides the same riddim to full effect, bringing a very good fresh version of his '70s classic "Awake Jah Jah Children", followed by its dub. The third veteran presented on this compilation is the legendary producer and roots singer Linval Thompson, whose previously unreleased "Crying Fe Money" (a tune to be included on his upcoming showcase LP for Pirates Choice Recordings) makes a real good impression. And again the blistering dub version is worth hearing.

Besides these efforts by Jamaican veterans, this album also includes entertaining tracks from lesser known artists such as deejays Jah Breeze and Ranking Forrest (listed as Breeze & Trees), who give the earlier mentioned "Monday Sounds" riddim the early '80s combination stylee treatment with "Two The Hard Way". Also Barcelona based UK singer Ben Jammin comes up with two solid pieces, "Money Talks" and the heartfelt "Real", which is known from "Rub A Dub Showcase Part 1". Don't overlook Kenny Knotts' "Love And Glory" on the "Fire in The North" riddim and "Seek Your Goals" by Alpheus (both featuring Sly Dunbar on drums) as they maintain the high quality standard. The set is rounded off by four heavyweight Dub Generation versions, a real treat for any dubhead.

All in all this album simply gives you very good value for money.