Riddim Driven ~ Ruckus
VP Records
CD / 2LP
April 13, 2005

Track list
  1. Booty Clap - Mr. Lex
  2. Crazy Look Good - Buju Banton
  3. No Unity - Tony Curtis
  4. Hygiene - Beenie Man
  5. It Go So - Jagwa
  6. Hey Girl - Mitch
  7. So It Wet - Bling Dawg
  8. Come Baby Come - Ward 21
  9. Unconditional Love - Christopher
  10. The Right Stuff - Macka Diamond
  11. Cruising - Lukie D & Vybz Kartel
  12. Gossip - Bounty Killer
  13. Wha - Capleton
  14. Walk Up - Kiprich
  15. Village Ram - Merciless
  16. Plenty Girl - Chicken
  17. Ghetto Anthem - Rally Bop (vinyl only bonustrack)
  18. Jamaican Dream - Madd Anju (vinyl only bonustrack)
  19. Ruckus Version (vinyl only bonustrack)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Louis "Flabba" Malcolm, the producer who brought you the hit riddims "Hurricane", "The Flip", "Unstoppable", "Headache", and the very popular 'Scream', established his name in the dancehall scene as he has a unique talent of putting out quality dancehall music on his "Mo'Music" imprint, on which he has now released the 'Ruckus'-riddim, that has been championed mostly because of Buju Banton's contribution also included here. Yet another release in VP Records' Riddim Driven Series over this on handclaps and spanish guitar built - and what sounds like a tribute to Dave Kelly's Nadine Sutherland & Terror Fabulous "Action"-bassline - infectious riddim, spiced up with flute and turntable scratch. It is kicked off by Mr. Lex with "Booty Clap", before Buju Banton's excellent girls-tune "Crazy Look Good" is followed by a very fine contribution from singer Tony Curtis, who brings forward his astonishment that there's "No Unity", and Beenie Man's rather strange but fine mi love your "Hygiene". Jagwa performs a tribute to Jamaica on "It Go So" before ARP-singer Mitch follows the pretty successful direction his ex-ARP-colleague DaVille went having a solo-career with "Hey Girl". Bling Dawg's "So It Wet" is a badman tune despite its title and not the slackness you'd expect, but that slackness is around the corner as Ward 21 contribute their take on K7's 1993 pop-hit "Come Baby Come", however it stays around the corner, as there lyrics remain pretty decent. Christopher still is not voicing that many riddims as he did two-and-a-half years ago, but when he does it's still worth hearing, as his take on Donna Summer's "Unconditional Love" proves. Macka Diamond is longing something hard and firm in i want it / "The Right Stuff" you got and continues her series of strong (yet) slack tunes seemingly effortless. Vybz Kartel is paired with Lukie D for a great combination as their "Cruising" is one of the finest tunes on this no too fast riddim, and Bounty Killer comments on skettels who "Gossip". Capleton's "Wha" is the weakest tune on the 'Ruckus'-riddim, and should be best skipped to reach Kiprich' "Walk Up" well delivered in his usual fine style. Merciless has joined the ranks of veterans coming back, and this slack "Village Ram" is a first convincing step in that direction, although he leans as much on Bounty's delivery as he does on his own bedroom talent on this tune. Newcomer Chicken debuts with "Plenty Gal" and does so pretty well, as Rally Bop follows his "Party Going On" on the 'Maybach'-riddim with "Ghetto Anthem", again a nice tune, but probably not enough to regain the position he held at 2000's Champions In Action in Jamaica. Madd Anju is still entertaining, and it's clear that Vybz Kartel owes more than a bit to his style, but he is not (yet) where Vybz Kartel is these days in terms of flow and lyrics as you can hear on what's supposed to be the first vinyl only bonustrack "Ghetto Anthem". The second vinyl only bonustrack is the excellent "Ruckus Version" highlighting the strengths of this midtempo bounce, that will put Mo'Music on the dancehall map once again.