Rum Bokkle Riddim
Lyrical War Records
Digital Release
April 9, 2012

Track list
  1. Indecka feat. Booba Starr - Party Deh
  2. Blackk Blunt feat. Shawn Mental - Holiday
  3. Chajah - Friction
  4. Tru Flamez - Nah Let Me Go
  5. Dermy D - Hear Bout
  6. Flava Danjah - Hold Me Dung
  7. Geeze B - Pinge Me
  8. Jami Dread - My Own
  9. Maximum - Watch We
  10. Ovadose - Thanks Fi Life
  11. Kapachie - Comin Home
  12. Unique Kid - Mirror
  13. Booba Starr feat. Tanium - Touch Di Road
  14. Rum Bokkle Riddim Instrumental
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Does a riddim need to have the usual suspects, or perhaps better said, the real big names to make it an enjoyable set for the avid fan? Sometimes it does, but not always as can be witnessed when checking the digitally released "Rum Bokkle" riddim from Austria based Lyrical War Records, a new label and production house run by Jami Dread from Austria and O'Neil from Jamaica.

Together with Jami Dread, a bunch of mostly totally unknown artists from Portmore, Jamaica, have gathered to breathe life into the "Rum Bokkle". The latter is a very danceable and infectious 'party' riddim as expressed by the duo Indecka & Booba Starr in their enjoyable combination tune "Party Deh", a guaranteed dancefloor filler. The themes of songs like Chajah's "Friction", Tru Flamez's "Nah Let Me Go", Dermy D's "Hear Bout" and Beeze B's "Pinge Me" suit the mood and vibe of the riddim perfectly well. And, of course, also "Holiday" by Blackk Blunt & Shawn Mental can be ranked among the aforementioned tunes. Most likely South London based Blackk Blunt aka The Black Diamond, who already released a slew of singles including "Usain Bolt", "Woman Intuition", the collaborations with reggae legend Tippa Irie "Sleepy Eyes" and "High Grade", is the only artist already known to dancehall aficionados. Besides these 'party' tunes there's also an occasional conscious piece included here like Ovadose's "Thanks Fi Life" and Booba Starr feat. Tanium's "Touch Di Road".

All artists featured here are striving for a successful music career and international recognition, and although quite a few of them make a decent impression, there's no one included here who really stands out and instantly draws attention. It's commonly known that the dancehall arena is a very competitive scene, so time will tell which artists featured here will manage to establish their name or vanish into obscurity.