Various artists album review
Run The Riddim Selector Vol. 3
Jet Star
March 12 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Bandits - Luciano
  2. Jah Is Watching - Lorenzo
  3. Babylon Is Out A Control - Yami Bolo
    Bandit Riddim
  4. Sweet Dreams - J.C Lodge
  5. Love Is In The Air - Thriller U
  6. Can't Stop - Peter Hunnigale
    Kinky Riddim
  7. Love Keeps Calling - Glen Washington
  8. What U R Doing - Pam Hall
  9. Special Attention - Ambelique
    Still Water Riddim
  10. Let Jah Be Praised - Michael Profit
  11. Hook It Up - Lloyd Brown
  12. It's Time - John Mclean
    Bandit Riddim
  13. Burning Flame - Alpha Rowen
  14. My Lord - Nah-I
  15. Backstabber - Ambelique
    Kinky Riddim
  16. Empress Love - Luciano
  17. I'm Still Waiting - Don Campbell
  18. Partner For Life - J.C Lodge
    Still Water Riddim
  19. Never Can Stop - Glen Washington
  20. Sweet Love - Alpha Rowen
  21. Too Late - Peter Hunnigale
    Bandit Riddim
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

The compilation set "Run The Riddim Selector Vol. 3" is the follow up to "Run De Riddim Selector Vol. 2". Jet Star's Danny Ray produced this excellent three-riddim album in 2001, and it brings you some really exciting cuts across three fine riddims. Two out three riddims are based upon Bob Marley tunes. First there's the Kinky riddim. The Ras Ites previewed the riddim behind their own 'Crazy Lazy', but it was Ambelique who brought the riddim to fame with his huge hit Backstabbers, following hot on his heels were Thriller U's Love Is In The Air, Alpha Rowen with Burning Flame and Peter Hunnigale with Can't Stop. Bob's tune 'I'm Still Waiting' is given the Danny Ray treatment and renamed Still Water riddim. Led by Luciano with Empress Love, the riddim is as fine a showcase for silky vocal styles such as Don Campbell's straight forward interpretation I'm Stil Waiting and matching cuts by Glen washington and Ambelique.
The 'Messenjah' Luciano did a song called Bandits for his Jet star album "Great Controversy", and the riddim proved very popular. Here you'll find a remixed version of his tune Bandits. The album features some unreleased versions namely Never Can Stop by Glen Washington, Lorenzo with Jah Is Watching, John McLean's It's Time and a compelling piece entitled Let Jah Be Praised by Michael Prophet.
A beautiful three riddim album !

Teacher & Mr. T.