Various artists album review
Saddam Birthday Party / Jailbreak
29 - 08 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - Melting Pot
  2. Merciless - Real Man
  3. Elephant Man - Humble Calf
  4. Sizzla - Guns Out
  5. Lexxus - A Yu Sey
  6. Frisco Kid - War
  7. Mr. Vegas - Gunshot
  8. Danny English - Don't Call Di Cop
  9. Lexxus - Murderer
  10. Merciless - Saddam Birthday Party
  11. Sizzla - Cop Killa
  12. Elephant Man - Woman Can't Too Much
  13. Lexxus - Hold Yuh Space
  14. Merciless - Escape
  15. Hawkeye - No Play 69
  16. Frisco Kid - Road Code
  17. Harry Toddler - Ring Yuh Mama
  18. Danny English - Wuky Nuh
  19. Buccaneer - Weh Yuh Ago Do
  20. Ghost - She's All
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Since the release of "Bellyas" - the first installment in the series - Greensleeves Records have unleashed their "Rhythm" albums in a more than breathtaking tempo, providing the dancehall massive with the latest cuts across some hot new riddims. "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #16" is the fourth split riddim album in this highly collectable series of hardcore dancehall riddim compilation sets. Tracks 1-10 are inflamous tunes over the "Saddam Birthday Party" (what's in a name ?) riddim, while tracks 11-20 are the cuts for the harder than hard "Jailbreak" riddim. Annex's infamous Harvel "Gadafi" Hart is responsable for the first riddim, while the production team Paula Wright and Derrol Frazer are guilty of producing the 'Jailbreak' riddim for their Common Sense Peroductions.
Both riddims are stuttering hardcore, stripped-down computerized riddims, so coming up to the hardcore ragga fan's taste. The album opens with Capleton's fiery vocal and lyrical delivery from his outstanding tune entitled Melting Pot. But there's more here that you will enjoy. Check out Merciless with the killer cut Saddam Birthday Party, then switch to Sizzla's Guns Out and after that start spinning the tunes Humble Call (Elephant Man) and Murder by Lexxus, who also contributes A Yu Sey across the same riddim. The 'Jailbreak' part kicks of with the biting Cop Killa by Sizzla, but also well worth spinning is the wicked tune Escape by Merciless. More fugitives with serious chances are the Frisco Kid with Road Code, Danny English who puts out Wuky Nuh and Ghost with his the lovers (!) tune She's All. With a whole host of name brand artists this album will set any dancehall fan on fire !

Teacher & Mr. T.