Various artists album review
Greensleeves Sampler 18
18 - 08 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Beenie Man - Year 4
  2. Mr. Vegas - Heads high Kill 'em with it re-mix
  3. Buccaneer - Fade away
  4. Shaggy - Sexy gal
  5. Goofy - Tatty boom
  6. Richie Stephens & General Degree - Give it up
  7. Sizzla - Like mountain
  8. Red Rat - Bizzi blazzi
  9. T.O.K. & Lady saw - Hardcore lover
  10. Mr. Vegas - Latest news
  11. Merciless - One of them
  12. Ghost - What have you done
  13. Beenie Man - Tell me
  14. Red Rat - Cyaan sleep
  15. General Degree - Signal
  16. Capleton - Rising up
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Volume 18 of the Greensleeves Sampler series compiles sixteen big ragga tunes from the last few months (except for the Sizzla and Capleton tracks which were released on 12" last year).
Two cuts on the 'Sexy Gal' riddim, produced for Robert Livingston's 'Big Yard' imprint, featuring some very recognisable guitar samples, taken from 'The Eye Of The Tiger'. These samples meld surprisingly well with the backing of the Big Yard crew. The Merciless track One Of Them lives up to expectations, lyrically and musically, tackling some heavy controversial themes and Shaggy, the man who topped the international charts some years ago is back with a vengeance and it looks like his gonna do it again. His Sexy Gal is a speedy, catchy tune, more a pop tune than a reggae song, and his well known vocal delivery makes this one a real winner.
Produced by the Firehouse Crew, recorded at 321 Strong and mixed at Music Works, top dj's Sizzla and Capleton deliver haunting cultural cuts on the Mount Jerusalem riddim.
When it comes to hardcore dancehall sound - build on entirely computer-driven riddims - Steely & Clevie have often successfully showcased their talent and skills, which made them highly acclaimed producers and musicians in the dancehall scene. On this latest of Greensleeves Sampler the duo presents four cuts of some of the name brand dancehall artists of the moment across one of their newest creations, the superb "Bagpipe" riddim: Year 4, the follow-up to Beenie Man's mega-hit "Who am I", Goofy's Tatty Boom, General Degree's forceful Signal and the acclaimed Mr. Vegas shows he's definitely gearing up for 1998 with Latest News. He is also featured with a remix of his current no. 1 hitsingle, the full proof danceable killer track Heads High, produced by Danny Browne and D. Juvenile.
On the selfproduced Fade away - a cut of Enya's "Orinoco Flow" - Buccaneer, once again, showcases his versitality and highly imaginitive approach as he combines the "classical" sounding chorus parts with the dancehall style of the verses.
Give it up is a catchy uptempo cut. General Degree's vocal delivery matches Richie Stephens' voice quite well on their rendition of Dandy Livingstone's 'Rudy, A Message To You", retitled 'Give It Up'.
Two cuts from Main Street's ace engineer Richard Browne, T.O.K. featuring Lady Saw are made to work together and they do not dissapoint in their reworking of Stevie Wonder's 'Part Time Lover', retitled Hardcore Lover while Red Rat keeps up the standard with Cyaan Sleep.
Check out this chart hot selection of slamming dancehall tunes. Wicked and wild !

Teacher & Mr. T.