Various artists album review
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 20
11 - 10 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - High Grade
  2. Mr. Vegas - She's A Ho
  3. Bounty Killer - Divide And Rule
  4. Ward 21 - Model And Pose
  5. Beenie Man - Hundred Dollar Bag
  6. Shaggy - Model Ya Mi Gal
  7. Luciano - Good Over Evil
  8. Red Rat & Psycho Kid - Explanation
  9. Sean Paul - Back Off
  10. Capleton - More Prophet
  11. Madd Anju - Wha Dis Fadda
  12. Chico - Pavarotti
  13. Sizzla - Anytime Now
  14. General Degree - Dem Girl Deh
  15. Zebra - Furtherer
  16. Goofy - Things Could Be Worst
  17. Buju Banton - Probation
  18. Beenie Man & Buccaneer - Hot Bwoy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Although the title of this compilation set refers to Reggae it is mainly a sampler packed with Ragga and Dancehall. However, that is only an insignificant detail regarding the quality of the music on this album, which happens to be an excellent sampler - already the 20th volume in the series - from the Greensleeves label containing 18 tracks of sure dancehall murder ! It's the "Great Thunderball" Capleton - at this moment the deejay to check - who kicks off praising the herb across Annex Productions' "High Grade" riddim. Mr. Vegas delivers a nice tune across the "Crash" riddim entitled "She's A Ho" before Bounty Killer takes over the proceedings with a wicked, Jazzwad produced message tune. King Jammy's new stars, the Ward 21 crew, contribute with a decent effort. Beenie Man, who recorded "Hundred Dollar Bag" for Goofy's "Young Blood Records", utilizes the "Ants Nest" riddim to full effect, whilst Shaggy comes up with a nice self-produced cut over the infectious "Kak-Up" riddim. Then, Luciano's "Good Over Evil", a solid tune and the first - and actually the only one on this compilation set - across a real roots riddim, production work from Norman "Bulpus" Bryan for Kicking Productions. Red Rat's duet with Psycho Kid - a self-produced tune for his own Brat Productions - fails to make an impression, but luckely Sean Paul is around to take over with a great delivery, one of the standout tracks. With the Rupert Blake produced "More Prophet" Capleton delivers a killer tune across the "Dirty Money" riddim. Madd Anju is another artist who recorded a cut to the "Ants Nest" riddim for Goofy's 'Young Blood Records', a decent effort anyway. The same goes for Chico whose "Pavarotti" is the next cut to the "Crash" riddim. Sizzla hits hard with "Anytime Now", firing his lyrics against Babylon over the same riddim as the Bounty Killer piece. General Degree's "Dem Girl Deh" for Red Rat's 'Brat Productions' is a real dancehall killer and one of the best tunes included on this sampler. Zebra has teamed up with Jack Scorpio to record "Furtherer", a decent tune delivered in his usual Tiger-like style. Goofy's "Tings could Be Worst" has been produced by himself and is the third - and definitely not the best - version over the "Ants Nest" riddim. Steely & Clevie's successful "Street Sweeper" riddim - represented with 4 cuts on the previous Sampler - is given a wicked treatment by Buju Banton. The combination Beenie Man & Buccaneer rounds off in Dancehall style, thus emphasizing the main mood of this very enjoyable and well compiled album.
As ever, Greensleeves Records provides a perfect way to obtain a whole bashment of tunes at one cheap throw. So, don't miss it !!

Teacher & Mr. T.