Various artists album review
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 22

Tracking list

  1. Garnett Silk - What Do You Say ?
  2. Capleton - Man Bruk
  3. Mr. Vegas - Rise
  4. Elephant Man & Wayne Marshall - Hot Girls (The Club)
  5. Morgan Heritage - Helping Hand
  6. Ward 21 & Fahrenheit - All About The Money
  7. Sanchez - Something's Missing
  8. Beenie Man - Reasoning
  9. Luciano - Cleanliness
  10. Buju Banton - Be My Love Tonight
  11. Bushman - Your Love
  12. Sizzla - Blaze Fire Blaze
  13. Bounty Killer, A.R.P. & Curly Lox - Evils Of Your Mind
  14. Sean Paul - Shake It
  15. Mad Cobra - Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
  16. Elephant Man - E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T
  17. Red Rat - Put Your Hands Up
  18. Mr. Vegas - Girls Time (Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Greensleeves Records have released the 22nd volume in their acclaimed "Reggae Sampler" series, a great new selection from the current Greensleeves catalogue which is up to par with the previous releases. Besides already released singles this album includes tracks from forthcoming albums from Ward 21 and Mr. Vegas.
The album features true name brand artists as Luciano, Garnet Silk, Morgan Heritage, Capleton, Beenie Man, Ward 21, Sizzla, Bushman, Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas. Roots reggae fans will enjoy this album just as much as the hardcore dancehall fan for it features some serious roots tunes : Luciano with Cleanliness and Garnet Silk's 12 inch What Do You Say?, both tunes on the same riddim, Bushman with Your Love and Morgan Heritage with helping Hand, both across King Jammy's "Thank You Father" riddim. Even two ballads are include here : Sanchez with Something's Missing and Mr. Vegas tackles the immensely popular Rise. Capleton rides the 'X-Treme' riddim on Man-Bruk, while the combination Elephant Man & Wayne Marshall deliver Hot Girl (The Club) across the "Lightning" riddim. Sean Paul rides the same riddim on Shake It. Beenie Man's version for the "Double Jeopardy" riddim makes a solid impression and the same goes for Buju Banton with Be My Love Tonight, a track which uses the "Latino" riddim.
Featuring not only dancehall, but also roots reggae and even ballads, makes this sampler a nice package, well worth checking out for everyone who wants to sample the contemporary flavours.

Teacher & Mr. T.