Save The World
Rick's Records Inc.
April 18, 2005

Track list
  1. Be By Ma Side - Capleton
  2. Spanish Town - Screwdriver
  3. Free The People - I Wayne
  4. Code Red - Determine
  5. Hortical - Ian Sweetness
  6. Of The Almighty - Brando
  7. Jericho Wall - Glen Washington
  8. Peace - Little Hero
  9. Lead Out - Richie Spice
  10. Rolling Stone - Nitty Kutchie
  11. Over Us - Anthony B.
  12. Keep Jah On Your Mind - Luciano
  13. How Dem Reach Ya - Junior Reid
  14. Out Di Way - Chuck Fender
  15. Farmer Brown - Bascom X
  16. Kutchie Cup - Perfect
  17. On The Corner - George Nooks
  18. Honey Bunch - I Maroon
  19. What Have You Done - Sanchez
  20. Save The World Version - Sly & Robbie, Dean Fraser & Computer Paul
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
To me unknown label Rick's Records from Miami brings us this 'one riddim' album, on what can be best described as a riddim not copying but at least owing a lot to Jackie Mittoo's classic 1967 'Drum Song'. Produced by R & R's Father Rick, but assistant producer is Annex' Harvel 'Gadaffi' Hart, known for his hardcore dancehall riddims as recent as last year's 'Summer Bounce', now also on a roots tip, and with serious success as this Sly & Robbie with Computer Paul built riddim - featuring the real horns of none other than Dean Fraser and mixed by Bulby, Fatta & Mikey 2000 at Mixing Lab - proves. Capleton starts above par praising Jah in "Be By Ma Side" before (we're talking late 80s here) former upcoming Beres Hammond protégé and later in Florida residing Screwdriver tries, after his 1998 "God And King" 7" over 'Satta' and 2001 album "Prophecy" once again to come back, and with tunes like the reality anthem (with its sad news ... drive by shooting intro and interruptions) "Spanish Town" he should succeed. I-Wayne's "Free The People" is a very fine tune by this member of reggae's current hot pack of young singers, followed by probably still the bobo artist with the lowest profile of all better known bobo dreads Determine, who did release several fine tunes over the last 2 years on hardcore dancehall riddims is very convincing here with "Code Red". Ian Sweetness is one of those underrated reggae singers who always deliver good tunes as he did in the 90s for big producers, but who never reached the real star class, but it's more than good to hear his voice again on "Hortical". Newcomer Brando singjays the decent "Of The Almighty", Glen Washington delivers the wicked "Jericho Wall" using the melody of Al Campbell's "Sinking Sand" followed by the singjay who always convinced until 5 years ago on Harvel Hart's productions Little Hero with his "Peace". Richie Spice's "Lead Out" is a great repatriation song before veteran former Scare Dem Crew singer Nitty Kutchie chips in with "Rolling Stone" don't gather no moss". Anthony B. "Over Us" and Luciano's "Keep Jah On Your Mind" deliver as usual strong tunes, the surprise is Junior Reid's wicked 100% waterhouse style "How Dem Reach Ya" after that. Chuck Fender, who recently has been dropped by Fifth Element, the label and management he shared with Richie Spice, Anthony Cruz and Spanner Banner, convinces with "Out Di Way" as do other hot recent high risen artists Bascom X with "Farmer Brown" and Perfect with "Kutchie Cup". George Nooks' "On The Corner" is a great lovers tune followed by Barrington Dixon a.k.a. I Maroon, who rose to promicence at the end of 2004 also fueled by his presence at Sting 2004 also doing a lovers tune "Honey Bunch". One of my all time favorite singers Sanchez prolongs the lovers vibe with his very nice "What Have You Done" before the version of this great "Save The World" closes another great roots 'one riddim' album.