Various artists album review
The Best Of Saxon ~ Volume 5
28 - 06 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Frankie Paul - Diamonds & pearls
  2. Sylvia Tella - Sexy lover man
  3. Lloyd Brown - Real love
  4. Roger Robin - All nations
  5. Sanchez - You are everything
  6. Nerious Joseph - We need more love
  7. Tyrone Taylor - Jealous kind
  8. Frankie Paul & Sylvia Tella - Feeling good
  9. Lloyd Brown - Black bird
  10. Bonito Star - What about us
  11. Richie Davis - Praise his name
  12. Don Campbell - Give thanks
  13. Roger Robin - My meditation
  14. Lorna Asher - No problem
  15. Richie Davis - I can't stand it
  16. Jack Radics - Stop your hurting
  17. Chukki Starr - Yout dem anthem
  18. Roger Robin - Unity
  19. Chukki Starr - Mark a de beast
  20. Sweetie Irie - I know Jah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3

Lloyd 'Musclehead' Saxon invites you on a trip with the UK's premiere record label Saxon. The Saxon label is known for producing some of the most endearing reggae heard in the UK, offering a steady flow of hit tunes. This is already the 5th release in 'The Best Of Saxon' series and this one is beyond dispute their best, although volumes 2 & 3 were truly laudable albums.
The cream of the crop of UK vocalists and upcoming deejay Chukki Star lay down the best Saxon nowadays has to offer. Twenty tracks -each track has two cuts-, almost all original songs, ranging from culture to conscious to lovers. Frankie Paul, Jack Radics and Sanchez are Jamaican guest vocalists offering songs that all have quality. Chukki Starr delivers two conscious tracks while Roger Robin does the same in his three tracks. New comer Bonito Star lays down an heartfelt lovers tune and Richie Davis uses the same strong riddim praising the almighty. Lorna Asher shouts out she has 'no problem with the world', but is worried about the future for our children in the splendid track No Problem. Gregory Isaacs' 'Universal Soldier' gets reworked twice, in the first place by Jack Radics, followed by Chukki Star who adresses the youths of today.
A slamming twenty track sampler, packed full of chartbusters, a must and a treat for every reggae adept.

Teacher & Mr. T.