Various artists album review
July 26, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Breast Specialist - Beenie Man & Vybz Kartel
  2. All About Dancing 2 - Tony Matterhorn & Richie Feelings
  3. Swear - Elephant Man
  4. Stress Free - Vybz Kartel
  5. Put In The Thing - Bunji Garlin
  6. Scoobay Anthem - Tony Curtis & Future Troubles
  7. Send It On - CÚCile
  8. Love To Wuk You - Lukie D feat. Chicken
  9. Don't Watch Me - Mad Cobra
  10. Mek That Money - Macka Diamond
  11. Party Time - Delly Ranks & Voicemail
  12. Blazin' - Wayne Wonder feat. Textra
  13. Set It Up - Predator
  14. Ina Di Center - Martina
  15. Certain Bwoy - Kiprich
  16. Take Cocky Gal - Bling Dawg
  17. Finger Licking - Lady G
  18. Empire - Degree
  19. Workings - Razor
  20. Bun Badmind - Ward 21
  21. Hot Gal - Lexus
  22. Scoobay Rhythm - Mario C
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

When both former-big-sound-now-turned-solo-selectors had just released the first couple of tunes on their first riddims, it seemed as if former Jamaican Bodyguard selector Fire Links' 'Mad Instruments', based on Gloria Estefan & her Miami Sound Machine's "Conga" would easily be beating the much more basic 'Scoobay'-riddim produced by former New York Addies selector and former World Clash champion Tony Matterhorn. Released on 357 (three fifty seven) Productions the riddim was built in Beenie Man's new Pro-Tools studio by his engineer Mario 'C' Campbell for the 'best juggling selector in the world''s first production effort. But in the dancehalls this simple riddim (bass drum, bass drum, bass drum, synth stab, synth stab) built up more and more pre-release hype as people began appreciating the riddim that Tony Matterhorn used for a whole heap of specials during the latest held edition of the UK Cup Clash, and now it's appeared as Volume #57 in Greensleeves highly esteemed Rhythm Album series. Kicking off this album is the slack combination "Breast Specialist" with Vybz Kartel Picture this / breast specialist / have ya two nipples dem inna me hand and dem a turn and twist / swing pon ma ting like wiss / gal ya know Beenie: Picture this / grind-acologist / I examine and I give a proper fix / diagnosis / inna me private practice / Gal ya know, followed by Tony Matterhorn himself DJing alongside Richie Feelings going through the moves in "All About Dancing 2" and Elephant Man switches back tight punnany lyrics for his very fine gal yuh holeeee nuh big like yoonderr / gal yuh hole nuh big like yonder you can "Swear" / gal yuh holeee nuh big like yondeerr / vaseline man haffi use wen him guh dere. Vybz Kartel rides the 'Scoobay' in a more experimental mix solo then for his "Stress Free" yuh 'ave di serial / stress free baby / good material / skin smooth eeh / you a wha barbie doll / yuh nah'affi hide yuh face like bin laden gal. Bunji Garlin continues to trend for soca artists to ride dancehall riddims and the dreadlocked King of Ragga Soca does so in one of the best tracks on this riddim (although there are no weak ones) "Put In The Thing". The "Scoobay Anthem" is brought by Future Troubles DJing alongside the beautiful voice of Tony Curtis, who is excellent on this track. CÚCile is also very much on top of the riddim for her "Send It On" telling the guys she's not afraid. A bit more decent but still on the adult side of the line are Chicken & Lukie D, telling a girl they'd "Love To Wuk You" using Donna Summer's 1975 "Love To Love You" for the melody line. Dancehall these days requires more and more musical luggage to be fully appreciated or condemned... Mad Cobra continues his string of recently voiced strong tunes with the very fat badman tune "Don't Watch Me" a.k.a. "Lock Di Place". Macka Diamond's "Mek That Money" is a very fine tune by the former Lady Mackerel and is followed by the bashment party combination of Delly Ranks & Voicemail carrying the swing in "Party Time". Wayne Wonder delivers the reality tune guns are "Blazin'" in broad daylight / so many innocent loose their life. Predator's "Set It Up" is a fine tune, but not as excellent as many of the tunes already mentioned above, and Martina's partly vocodered "In The Center" is a very decent tune by this newcomer yet lacking that extra spark as well. A strong voicing on this riddim comes from Kiprich, who delivers his "Certain Bwoy" impeccable, as well as Bling Dawg, who brags about his Long John in "Take Cocky Gal". Lady G warns all guys to use viagra because it's woman me name / and not recipe in her "Finger Licking". Degree is just praising the girls in his inimitable great style on "Empire" before newcomer Razor brags about his stamina in "Workings" and Ward 21 deliver the fine "Bun Badmind", that however falls short of the normal impact their tunes have. Lexus closes the voiced tunes included (Greensleeves seems to have steered away from the controversial stuff by excluding Beenie Man's "Weh U No Fi Do" a.k.a. "Batty Man Fi Dead" and Capleton's "Galong Bad") using Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue"-melody for "Hot Gal" before this extremely impressive Tony Matterhorn debut-"Scoobay Rhythm" takes the center stage where it definitely belongs these days.