Selecta's Choice #1 ~ 100% Dubplates Selection Out Of Irie Ites Box
Irie Ites Records
May 26, 2015

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Max Romeo - Chase The Devil
  3. Silvertones - Stop Crying
  4. Sizzla - Good Ways
  5. Horace Andy - Skylarking
  6. Jr Yellam - Full Time Job
  7. Johnny Osbourne - Enjoy Yourself
  8. Leroy Sibbles - Party Time
  9. Frankie Paul - Mr Babylon
  10. Sizzla - Strenght & Hope
  11. Kabaka Pyramid - Burnin' (Special)
  12. Barrington Levy - Oh Jah Can't You See
  13. Chezidek - Far I
  14. Skarra Mucci - Easy Take It Easy
  15. Pupa Jim - Amplifier
  16. Solo Banton - Music Addikt
  17. General Levy - Vibes
  18. Al Campbell - Old Time People
  19. Tarrus Riley - Pull Up Selector
  20. Sizzla - Hype Up
  21. King Everall - Special Singer
  22. Lucan Scissors - Donate
  23. Bounty Killer - Top A Top
  24. Spectacular - Push On Through
  25. Elephant Man - Bun It All Day
  26. Kabaka Pyramid - Global Warning
  27. Sizzla - Trod Mount Zion
  28. Skarra Mucci - Big Dreams
  29. Ninjaman - Ninja Mi Ninja
  30. Lion D - Weh Dem Fah
  31. Sizzla - Wether Or Not
  32. Chantelle Ernandez - Special
  33. Natural Black - Far From Reality
  34. Fantan Mojah - Thanks & Praises
  35. Capleton - Jah Jah City
  36. Military Man - Give Thanx & Praise
  37. Morgan Heritage - Liberation
  38. Sizzla - Mockries & Phrase
  39. Turbulence - Notorious
  40. Tarrus Riley - Rebel
  41. Lion D - High
  42. Ras Mc Bean & Mark Wonder - Special
  43. Jr Yellam - Step By Step
  44. Solo Banton & Deadly Hunta - Irie Ites Shall Never Die
  45. Ras Mc Bean - Special
  46. Perfect - Good Personality
  47. Sizzla - Do Good Everytime
  48. Perfect - Reggae Music
  49. Sizzla - Run Out Pon Dem
  50. General Levy - Choo Choo
  51. Sena - Strange Days
  52. John Holt - Strange Things
  53. Spectacular - Badda Than Dem
  54. Chezidek - Bun Di Ganja
  55. Chantelle Ernandez - Special
  56. Sena - Work In It
  57. Spectacular - I Wish
  58. Sizzla - Bang Bang Dem Dead
  59. Sena - Good Vibes
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
Dubplates or Specials, since the mid '80s a term used to describe an exclusive mix or recording of a tune that usually has the lyrics altered to mention and praise a specific Sound System, are often used for competing in a sound clash, in which 'rival' Sound Systems compete with each other to produce the most imaginative or unusual Specials. The exclusivity of the recording is made evident by changes to the usual lyrics to include the name of the Sound System that has commissioned the recording, often remarking on the prowess of the Sound System in question, and sometimes the weaknesses of the opposing Sound System(s). Dubplates are an essential tool in a sound clash the more exclusive the better!

It's obvious that these Dubplates weren't meant to be released on vinyl or cd. However sometimes it happened still. Most notable examples are the 1989 released "King Tubby's Presents Soundclash Dub Plate Style" and "King Jammy's Presents: Dub Plates Volume 1" from 1998. In particular the innovative King Tubby LP (later also released on cd), featuring amusing intros by Fuzzy Jones and the legendary dubmaster's extolling sound, is outstanding and essential to any reggae collection.

Fast forward to 2015's "Selecta's Choice #1", a dubplates selection from Irie Ites, the Sound System and record label from Le Mans, France. In 1999 Jericho, Unatty and RomG founded the Sound System, which in 2001 was followed by the launch of the label after a meeting with Lorenzo and Chezidek in Jamaica. Since then they have worked with a whole heap of artists including Turbulence, Spectacular, Lutan Fyah, Perfect, Ras Mc Bean, Sizzla, Junior Kelly, John Holt, Leroy Sibbles, Max Romeo, Cornell Campbell, Mighty Diamonds, Naggo Morris and Trinity for juggling projects as well as artist albums. Meanwhile they also recorded Dubplates for their own Sound System with many of these artists. This mixtape on cd, expertly mixed by founding member Jericho who luckily didn't use any sound effects, drops a whopping 58 specials out of Irie Ites' dubplates box. It features efforts by up-and-comers, big stars and respected veterans, all delivering lethal ammunition for the Irie Ites Sound System.

A nice and entertaining collection of tunes normally only heard when played at Sound System events.